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What to watch this weekend: Pinocchio, Harry and Meghan and more!

Pinóquio por Guillermo Del Toro é a mais recente versão do famoso boneco

The weekend is approaching, and with it our list of what to watch on the main streaming platforms here in Brazil. And in our selection, there are from cinema classics that won a new version, to documentaries about couples of the moment and crimes that shook Brazil.

There is also room for a new animation based on a successful game that promises to be a new phenomenon. And still about cartoons, how about a continuation of one of the funniest movie sagas, but now in an animated version? Yeah, there’s room for everything on our list!

Want to know what to watch this weekend? So, check out our memorable selection of movies and series available on streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max and Prime Video:

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1. Pinocchio by Guillermo Del Toro – Netflix


As its name suggests, this is the highly anticipated version of Carlo Collodi’s classic by acclaimed director Guillermo Del Toro. The animation brings a very different trait when compared to other versions of one of the most adapted tales in the history of cinema.

Pinocchio by Guillermo Del Toro is the latest version of the famous puppetSource: Netflix


The plot tells the story of the wooden puppet Pinocchio. Created by the sculptor Geppetto, one day he ends up coming to life, and thinks he’s a real boy. However, he needs to adapt to their differences and, mainly, to his lies, since every time he tells one, his nose grows longer.

2. Dragon Age: Absolution – Netflix

Trying to repeat the success of other game adaptations, such as castlevania and arcaneNetflix launches Dragon Age: Absolution🇧🇷 Based on the game of the same name, the series promises a high fidelity to the franchiseso much so that the script was entirely produced together with Bioware, producer of the title that will receive a new chapter for consoles and PCs soon.

Dragon Age: Absolution is an animation based on the famous video game franchiseDragon Age: Absolution is an animation based on the famous video game franchiseSource: Netflix

The plot will be all in the Tevinter region, known to anyone who has played all the franchise titles. The series will tell the story of a group of wizards, fighters and thieves to stop a sinister force in possession of an evil and highly powerful artifact.

3. Harry and Meghan – Netflix

One of the most famous couples in the world finally won a documentary. Harry and Meghan it ranges from how the two met, to the problems they faced, and still face, with the British royal family, who refused to make any participation and even comment on the content of the series.

Harry and Meghan brings behind the scenes of the couple's troubled relationship with the British royal familyHarry and Meghan brings behind the scenes of the couple’s troubled relationship with the British royal familySource: Netflix

Divided into six chapters, the documentary features interviews with Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle. There are also several unpublished images from the couple’s personal archive, which show trips together, intimacy with friends, and the backstage of the controversial marriage.

4. Night at the Museum: The Return of Kahmunrah – Disney Plus

the famous saga Night at the Museum gets a new animation exclusive to streaming Disney Plus. She brings in young Nick Daley, who takes over from his father Larry Daley as the museum’s night guard. Larry was played by Ben Stiller in the films of the franchise in which the hitherto little Nick was played by actor Jake Cherry.

Night at the Museum: Return of Kahmunrah is a sequel to the animated films.Night at the Museum: Return of Kahmunrah is a sequel to the animated films.Source: DisneyPlus

The animation story brings Nick back to his old friends from the museum, such as Teddy, Sacagawea and the famous tyrannosaurus fossil called Rexy. However, one day the villain Kahmunrah escapes from the basement, and now he will do everything to access the Egyptian underworld and free his Army of Death. It’s up to Nick and his gang to prevent that.

5. Flordelis: Questions or Loves Extra Episode – Globoplay

The series Flordelis: Question or Love behind the scenes of one of the most shocking cases in history: the murder of pastor Anderson Carmo, at the behest of his wife, former deputy Flordelis🇧🇷 It features testimonials from police officers who worked on the case, family members, and journalists who covered the case.

Flordelis: Questiona ou Adora won an extra episode with the recent trial of the caseFlordelis: Questiona ou Adora won an extra episode with the recent trial of the caseSource: Globoplay

However, the end of the series coincided with the trial of Flordelis, who was sentenced to 50 years and 28 days, along with her biological daughter, Simone dos Santos Rodrigues. Because of this, an extra episode was released this week with the progress of the trial that closed the case.

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Now that you have good options to watch on your weekend, just prepare the popcorn and check out all the best streaming services here in Brazil. follow the My Seriesbecause every week there’s more!

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