What to watch this weekend: 1899, Terrifier, The Walking Dead and more

Looking for what to watch over the weekend? Rest assured, because every Friday Minha Série will bring the main releases on streaming services here in Brazil, so you can check it out in the comfort of your own home.


They range from established films and series, whose launches are surrounded by expectations. Even works acclaimed by the public, and that will have a special episode, or even its definitive closure.

Here are the five releases for this weekend, from 11/18 to 11/20, that we’ve separated for you. Check out!

1. 1899 – Season 1 – Netflix


One of the most anticipated Netflix exclusive series of 2022 finally arrives on the streaming service. 1899 is directed by the German couple Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, who became world famous for the series darkwhose plot made many rack their brains on the internet and come up with hundreds of theories.

1899 promises to deliver the same intense suspense that popularized the Dark series.Source: Netflix


The promise is that 1899 will follow the same path. Because of this, a huge expectation was created on top of the series.

With a plot that takes place in the year that gives its name to the series, in it we follow an immigrant ship that leaves for New York, but whose destination changes completely after they find another vessel, which was reported missing for years.

2. Elite – Season 6 – Netflix

The famous Spanish series wins its sixth season. In it, spectators follow the day to day of the famous school Las Encinasthe big stage for a series of plots involving drama, mystery and, mainly, a lot of suspense.

One of the most popular series on Netflix, Elite arrives in its sixth seasonOne of the most popular series on Netflix, Elite arrives in its sixth seasonSource: My Series

The story of the new season begins after Samuel’s death, where the college starts a new school term trying to cover up the disasters of the last school year.

However, day-to-day conflicts are becoming more and more intense, with students seeking to take justice into their own hands, given the impunity of those in charge. Las Encinas🇧🇷

3. Terrifier – Amazon Prime Video

The horror film, whose sequel made several viewers feel sick during its screening in the cinema, is now showing on Amazon Prime Video streaming. Released in 2016, the feature hitherto could only be watched on online rental services, but now it is free for all subscribers.

Terrifier is one of the most violent and frightening horror films of recent years.Terrifier is one of the most violent and frightening horror films of recent years.Source: IMDB

It tells the story of the clown Ark, who on a Halloween night, decides to go out into the streets spreading chaos, and murdering everyone who crosses his path.

If you are looking for one hair-raising, stomach-churning horror movie🇧🇷 terrifier it’s a good call, and also a preview of what lies ahead when its sequel opens in theaters this December.

4. Disenchanted – Disney Plus

Amy Adams is back in the role of fifteen years ago, where she conquered the world with Delighted in 2007. The new feature also marks the return of Patrick Dempsey playing Robert Philip.

Disenchanted brings the story 15 years after the events of the first filmDisenchanted brings the story 15 years after the events of the first filmSource: DisneyPlus

The story shows Giselle dissatisfied with her life in New York next to her great love Robert. To find happiness again, the character moves to the small town of Monroeville to find peace and quiet.

However, she accidentally turns the entire region into a fairy tale, and now she must race to reverse the spell before it brings more serious consequences.

5. The Walking Dead – Last episode – Star Plus

One of the most acclaimed series of recent years will come to an end. Sunday will be marked by closing of the 11th and final season of The walking deadwhich will even have a larger-than-normal episode, and promises to make its viewers cry with its ending.

After 11 seasons, The Walking Dead will have its last episodeAfter 11 seasons, The Walking Dead will have its last episodeSource: Star Plus

The episode will be called “Rest In Peace” (Rest In Peace) and will focus on the main characters of the saga, such as Daryl, Negal, Maggie and Carol.

It is worth remembering that many of these characters will be in series that will expand the universe of The Walking Deadwhich suggests that, at least in theory, these future protagonists will be spared in the final stretch.

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Now that you have good options to watch on your weekend, just prepare the popcorn and check out all the best streaming services here in Brazil.

And you, what are you going to watch this weekend? Tell us on our social media!

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