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What to watch over the weekend: Wandinha, Terra dos Sonhos and more!

Wandinha marca o retorno de A Família Addams com novos atores e uma nova história

For those who seek what to watch over the weekend, we present a list of the main attractions that premiere on streaming services here in Brazil. Among them, highlight for the Wandinha series, which marks the return of the famous Adams Family, and the last show of the farewell tour of the great star Elton John.

All movies, series and shows featured in our list are available to subscribers of services such as Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, Globoplay, HBO Max, Star +, Paramout + and Apple TV +. Check out!

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1. Wandinha – Season 1 – Netflix

Based on the famous Addams Family series, Wandinha focuses on the daughter of the couple Morticia and Gomez, after whom the series is named. The story shows the character trying to adapt at school, with her very different way, at the same time that she needs to start mastering her supernatural powers.

Wandinha marks the return of The Addams Family with new actors and a new storySource: Show Snob

The series is directed by none other than Tim Burton and features a star-studded cast. Emphasis on Catherine Zeta-Jones as Mortícia, and Christina Ricci, who played the character Wandinha in the Addams Family films of the 90s, as Marilyn Thornhill.

2. Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Special – Disney+

The galaxy’s most famous group of heroes is back. But instead of a new movie in the current Marvel universe, the title brings the group into a fun Christmas story🇧🇷 The work is part of a series of long exclusives that Disney intends to release over the weeks for its streaming service.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Special Brings Marvel's Heroes in a Christmas StoryGuardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Special Brings Marvel’s Heroes in a Christmas StorySource: Disney Plus

Still saddened by Gamora’s death, Quill is not excited for Christmas. With that, his guardian friends join forces to throw an unforgettable party for Star-Lord, attended by none other than actor Kevin Bacon.

3. Dreamland – Netflix

Star Jason Momoa is back. The actor who became world famous for playing the hero Aquaman in the films of the DC Comics universe, now returns to Netflix to face a new challenge: playing a more fun character in a film with a more comic theme than the feature films he is used to. Act.

Dreamland marks the return of star Jason MomoaDreamland marks the return of star Jason MomoaSource: Netflix

The story brings a small and fearless orphan who embarks for the Land of Dreams, with the intention of finding a magical pearl that fulfills wishes. To do this, she will have the help of the outlaw Flip (Jason Momoa), to embark on a journey to fulfill her dream: to meet her late father.

4. Elton John Live: Farewell from Dodger Stadium – Disney+

Elton John is by far one of the greatest singers in music history. Recently, the star announced his retirement from the stage with a farewell tour, the last show being at the legendary Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, in the United States.

Disney Plus brings the last show of star Elton John's careerDisney Plus brings the last show of star Elton John’s careerSource: DisneyPlus

The location was not chosen at random. In 1975, Elton John played a historic show at the same stadium that consolidated his career, mainly in the United States. The presentation featured the greatest hits of the last 50 years of career, and the participation of several artists.

5. Welcome to the Seduction Club – Star+

Welcome to the Seduction Club tells the true story of Somen “Steve” Banerjee, an Indian entrepreneur who created the first all-male strip show, the Chippendales. The series shows how Steve had his business vision and all the problems he had to face to keep his establishment open and profitable.

Welcome to the Seduction Club is a series based on the true story of the first male stripper clubsWelcome to the Seduction Club is a series based on the true story of the first male stripper clubsSource: Disney

The series brings a plot that mixes elements of action and suspense, with a good pinch of sensuality. She is also Star Plus’ bet for a series with a theme similar to successful films like the franchise. Magic Mikewhich is also focused on the world of strippers.

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Now that you have good options to watch on your weekend, just prepare the popcorn and check out all the best streaming services here in Brazil. Enjoy!

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