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What to watch over the weekend: See 5 movies and series (09/03)

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The time has come to check the traditional list of My Series which shows the main movies and series released this week. Nominations are available on major streaming services across Brazil.

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This week there are a series of highlights, starting with the arrival of the film Luther: Nightfall to Netflix. Derived from the series, it shows a new adventure for the character, played by Idris Elba, who now needs to fight a group of hackers. Still on the streaming platform, there is also the arrival of the final part of the famous and exclusive series You!.

The film Luther: Nightfall is the great premiere of the week among streaming servicesSource: Netflix

Another series ending its current season is The Last of Us. Based on the game of the same name, the series will have its final chapter on Sunday (12), which will be brought forward to 10 pm (Brasília time) by HBO, precisely so as not to clash with Oscar 2023 time. has already been confirmed by the channel.

We also have Chang’s Play, on Disney Plus, which tells the story of a young Chinese man who dreams of becoming a professional basketball player, even if he has to overcome numerous prejudices to do so. And finally, there’s the series. The Cry of the Moths which tells the true story of Minerva Mirabal, a Dominican activist who dedicated her life to fighting the tyranny of dictator Rafael Trujillo.

Check out our list of the best options to watch over the weekend!

1. Luther: Nightfall – Netflix

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the serial Luther was very successful on the BBC channel. In addition, he was also responsible for catapulting the success of star Idris Elba, who many claim to be the next actor to play the character of James Bond. Years later, it was Netflix’s turn to explore the universe of the series in a film that marks the return of the famous police officer.

Luther: NightfallLuther: NightfallSource: Netflix

The film shows John Luther escaping from prison, where he is serving time, to go after a known serial killer who is on the loose and making new victims. The big problem is that this same criminal is a billionaire hacker whose fun is spreading chaos in London by breaking into government systems. It is now up to the police to race against time to capture him before he is arrested again.

two. You! Season 4 – Final Part

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One of the most popular and exclusive series on Netflx, You! finally reaches its final episodes. After receiving the first chapters of the fourth and final season, the second part premiered last Thursday (9), showing the end of Joe Goldberg’s story and the outcome of the plot.

You!You!Source: Enter the source

You! is a series about Joe Goldberg, a young librarian who falls in love with a woman. From then on, he begins to pursue her on social media and in real life, until he finally manages to approach her. However, little by little she begins to discover Joe’s dark past, and at the same time realizes that his life is at risk.

3. The Last of Us – End of Season 1

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One of the most popular series today, The Last of Us reaches its final chapter. In it, Joel finally takes Ellie to her goal, where she can generate a long-awaited vaccine for the virus that devastated the world. However, when they get there, things get out of control, and it’s up to the two to fight to survive.

The Last of UsThe Last of UsSource: HBO Max

After the fifth chapter was brought forward due to the realization of Super Bowl 57, which is the final of the American football championship, the series will again make changes to its original schedule. This time, the last chapter of the season will arrive an hour earlier, at 10 pm in Brasilia time, so as not to coincide with the Oscar 2023 award ceremony.

4. Chang’s Play – Disney Plus

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Chang’s Play Follows Chang tells the story of a young Chinese man whose dream is to be a basketball star. However, he will have to overcome a series of obstacles to reach his goal, from his 1.72 meters, a low height for an athlete in his category, to the prejudice of colleagues and family around his life goal.

Chang's PlayChang’s PlaySource: Disney Plus

The film tells a beautiful story, which is the dream of millions of young people around the world. According to director Jingyi Shao, the feature is a love letter to basketball, and at the same time a beautiful tale about believing in your goals, even if the most complex obstacles appear along the way.

5. The Cry of the Moths – Season 1 – Star Plus

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As a great tribute to International Women’s Day, which was celebrated on March 8, Star Plus launched the series The Cry of the Moths. It is based on real facts, which show the story of Minerva Mirabal, a Dominican activist who, for many years, fought against the regime of the dictator Rafael Trujillo, who was responsible for her conviction and execution.

The Cry of the MothsThe Cry of the MothsSource: StarPlus

The plot shows the activist’s friendship with Arantxa Oyamburu, a young Spanish immigrant with whom Minerva ended up creating bonds in the midst of the country’s troubled political moment. In 1960, she ended up being murdered, along with her sisters Pátria and María Teresa, on the orders of the dictator. Today, Mirabal is considered one of the most important activists in history, so much so that November 25, the date they were murdered, ended up becoming the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Now that you have good options for what to watch over the weekend, just prepare the popcorn and check out all the best streaming services here in Brazil. Stay connected here on Minha Série and stay up to date!

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