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What to keep in mind before posting anything on social media

Post information on social media It is something more serious than you think, because just as funny videos or memes circulate that entertain or invite reflection; in others, what is published can affect the life, image and reputation of others.


According to figures from Digital 2021, compiled by Hootsuite and We Are Social, the number of people in Colombia currently accessing social networks is around 39 million, reflecting an 11% growth compared to 2020 data.

In addition, most users are on the social network Facebook and it can also be accessed mainly from smart phones.


Similarly, according to experts, over time, social networks make people more thoughtless, impulsive and less empathetic with others. This is largely because they no longer need to communicate face-to-face, which cools down the communication process.

“On a daily basis, people are exposed to hundreds of news items, memes, chains of WhatsApp, audios, videos, publications, images or any other type of information on the internet that may be false and goes viral, before it can be disproved. This often becomes pillars of judgment that affect others without thinking about it”, experts from the Xharla agency explain.


With this, agencies such as Xharla, with the support of Edu Media, Digi mente, Movilizatorio, Fundación Unidos Somos Mas Fuertes, Los Tecos Mexican Soccer Team, Instituto Tecnológico de Bogotá and Colegio Hebreo Monte Sinaí, have had an initiative to reduce violence on social media and combat fake news.

“We seek to make users of social networks, communication media and influencersto mitigate problems such as cyberbullying or cyberbullying, fake newsthe damage to the good name of people and the harassment of children, young people and adults that is carried out through social networks”, indicates Xharla in this regard.

This group of experts in the media, social networks and cybercrime has drawn up a list of five recommendations that everyone can put into practice without major complications and thus join the fight for a Internet calmer and less violent for everyone.

5 keys to keep in mind before posting on social networks


It is necessary?

Before publishing, it is better to think, is it necessary to do this type of publication? What am I looking for with this?

Having this clarity, you will be able to better optimize the publications, their objectives and the audiences they are targeting.

It is true?

Being certain that what is published is necessary to reduce the growth of fake news, since there is a probability that false information will be retweeted on Twitter, with 70% higher than if it is true and fake news has an audience between ten and a hundred times greater than the real one.

This is why the group of experts advise that, if there are doubts about the veracity of the information, it is better to investigate other sources and Don’t post if you’re not sure.

It is inspiring?

Think about whether what is published on the internet positively or negatively inspires others, since words and postures has influence on the user’s environment, and they can generate actions in other people.

The UN I affirm that More than half of young people have been victims of cyber bullying in Latin America and the U Report survey, affirms that 1 in 3 young people receive comments and publications that damage their good name.

It is useful?

Writing something interesting for other people helps create a positive collaborative environment and generate social empathy.

Posting comments or posts that have messages of hate or criticism towards other people will only generate tension among the followers and will most certainly hurt susceptibilities.

He is friendly?

When writing a comment, it is advisable to read it again so that it is not understood in a different way from what was intended, this will allow the messages to be objective and not try to damage the good name of any user.

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