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What to do if a program or application crashes on Mac or Windows

Everything is fine until something stops working perfectly on the computer. The same button is clicked multiple times but the application does not respond. Sometimes the cursor changes shape and implies that this app will no longer work the same way as it did at the beginning (it will get slower), or it just won’t work at all. It no longer pays attention, but it does not disappear either.


The user tries to close the application but it does not obey. And that’s because closing applications that are no longer responding or ‘not running’ is not easy. It is precisely here when you have to opt for a force to close apps that no longer work

Sometimes it is just enough to press the regular buttons, click the buttons or the menu as usual. But it’s not always like this. For some reason the latest app is not responding on an odyssey. The solution is definitely with a full reset of computer. But, Fortunately, there are other solutions without the need to carry out the last indication mentioned.


Then, TechMarkup shows how to close these applications that are no longer working and even slow down the computer. Sooner or later, the goal will be achieved without having to restart macbook or PC. A problem if you have documents or other applications open.

Force close apps on macOS


If you have reached this article, it is because an application ignores when you try to close it. It’s not popular, but when it happens, it’s a nuisance. A feasible solution, and as mentioned in previous paragraphs, is to restart the computer, but if it has it is working on Microsoft Word, microsoft powerpoint or even in documents of google driveIt is not so simple.

In this sense, the Mac puts it on a tray, because it has a menu that shows all the open applications, and allows you to close the window you want ‘by force’.

To access this menu, go to the menu Manzana and select force exit. It can also be opened with the keys Option + Command + Escape. Next, just select the application that is not working, and click the button force exit. This will close the app.


As a replacement, you can go to activity tracker. There you can see all the applications, services and processes at that moment in macOS. When the app you want to close is found, you simply need to click on the button with a cross (X).

The operating system may give you two options to choose from. Close either Force closing. Then you have to use the first and, if it doesn’t pay attention, go to the second.

And as a last exit, you can always restart your Mac to clean up and close apps, they want or not. This method is the most drastic but it serves as a last resort if the previous ones were not enough.

Force close apps in Windows

When a request refuses to shut down Windows, the first place we should go is the Task Manager. As in macOS, there you can see all the open applications, processes and services in general.

To open Task Manager, simply press Control + Tab + Escape. You can also search by Windows search or from the Start menu. Also, if you right-click on the Start menu of Windows 11a list of tools will appear, in which the Task Manager option will be visible.

If it doesn’t show open applications on the main Task Manager tab, clicking More details to view open processes. Here you can find the application that is not working properly. Click on it, then right click and check the option Finish homework

Another way to close Windows applications is to use Terminal commands. But instead of opening the command line, you have to use the application Execute. pressing the keys Windows + R, I know will open the executable menu.

Here you can start commands or open applications. To close the faulty application, give the command taskkill /im program.exe /t changing ‘program.exe’ to the name of the application you want to close. The downside is knowing that this name may have to be found in Task Manager.

Obtuse applications can also be closed from the Command Prompt. First, you have to look for it in the start menu and then right click to open this app like Administrator.

When the console is open, enter the command task list to see the list of open processes. When you find the app you want to close, you have to keep its P.I.D..

Therefore, to close this request, it is necessary to use the command taskkill /PID 1234 /F where 1234 is the PID of the app. Two or more PID codes can be specified to shut down two or more applications at the same time.

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