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What to do before deleting an application from an iPhone or Android phone

Delete apps on iOS and Android phones

Currently many Applications They have integrated shopping systems within the official stores such as Google Play Store either app storewhich generate income for the companies and the companies that develop these platforms.

access to features premium either functions special features of these applications are the reason why users subscribe annually or monthly to these services so that the automatic payment from time to time, although this is something that must be taken into account when users want to remove the platform from their devices

If a person wants to uninstall a application from his cell phone, you must first take a series of precautions that can help you protect not only your money, but also your personal information. The removal of a platform is not the same as stop paying the subscription that has been hired.

First of all, before uninstalling an application that has had some type of I payusers must enter the application store that they have available, either from the system Android either iOSand check that these were unique instead of subscriptions renewable automatically and cancel them one by one.

Finding available apps doesn't have to be chaotic.  Here several solutions.
Finding available apps doesn’t have to be chaotic. Here several solutions.

Once it has been verified that the stores do not perform automatic payments recurring, the next step is to verify that the applications do not make this collection from their websites or on their own platforms As in the case of applications streaming. These can only be canceled in this way as they will not appear as subscriptions in stores.

It is only when these two checks have been performed that it will be safe for users to uninstall a application in their cell phones. In this way, it will be prevented that these continue making automatic charges despite not being available on people’s devices.

However delete the Applicationsespecially those that request a record with an email, name of Username Y passworddoes not mean that all the information that was generated from the use of the platform has also been deleted.

Uninstall removes the Programbut not the user’s account or their personal data such as their email, name, surname among other types of identification information. Although applications usually establish clear methods for deleting data from their servers, not all have this feature, so even if you want to do this, users will not be able to.

Some applications do not allow the removal of personal data from their servers.  (Capture)
Some applications do not allow the removal of personal data from their servers. (Capture)

To identify if the application being attempted uninstall allows or not the deletion of users’ personal data, people must enter the platform’s profile in the application store and then the “Data security” section in Play Store.

In the details of security practices, it will be possible to see if the data corresponding to the applications can be deleted or not. Every platform You establish your own data erasure methods, although it is generally a process that is done from the Web page from the developer.

Once the data has been removedpeople will not be able to recover them and they will not be able to access the application again unless they generate a username and password again, so it is preferable to carry out this process once it has been decided not to use the platform to be uninstalled anymore.

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