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What technology is used to practice a job interview

What technology is used to practice a job interview
AI illustration that is used to practice before a job interview.  (photo: Cepymenews.com)
AI illustration that is used to practice before a job interview. (photo: Cepymenews.com)

prepare for a job interview it’s something the internet is pretty well documented for. However, on many occasions people do not have anyone to practice with, or they do not know if the things they are saying are really adapted to what they have learned through all those long searches in the Internet. Web.

Fortunately, there is no longer anything to worry about. Google just released a new artificial intelligence which will allow anyone to practice for future interviews, and offer feedback in the process.

This new Google AI arrives under the name of Interview Warmup (Interview Warm-up, in Spanish), and will help any user prepare to be interviewed in several different job roles. Among the classic questions “tell me more about yourself”, to analyze the intonation of your answers; this AI is prepared to point out things about oneself that one might even be unaware of.


Interview Warmup will notify when some phrases and words are overused. Or if a little more time should be spent explaining a specific area about oneself. It is a ‘personal trainer’ that can be accessed at no cost, and at any time.

What benefits does this artificial intelligence have


So far, Interview Warmup is known to be able to help the user in a number of research-oriented fields. technology. Among them we have the Information Technology (IT), support, project management, data analysis, online sales and marketing.

Before starting the interview, Interview Warmup will ask the user to specify the field in which they want to work. From here, the process requires the user to write or answer the questions asked by the system by voice. Furthermore, this AI focuses on three specific pillars of the conversation: the technical, situational and background of the user.

The latter, for its part, has to do with the history of a user in his work career. The second requires the user to think about how they have been able to resolve stressful situations in the past, and successfully. As for the technical questions, they have to do with the knowledge and skills possessed by the candidate.

In fact, this artificial intelligence is so useful that it can even help the user to find effective points towards which to take the conversation; and even suggest some totally new ones.

This new project thinks about helping many people

Jasmine Rubinovitz, software engineer and researcher at Google Creative Lab, comments on the company’s intentions behind this artificial intelligence. Rubinovitz explains that currently There are more than 1.3 million job offers in the USAwilling to pay high salaries in technology positions.

“We discovered that one of the things that applicants had the most difficulty with was interviewing. So we tried to think, we could use computational learning and great language models to build a tool to help you practice for a job interview.” explains Jasmin Rubinovitz.

Thus, Google wants to offer a safe place for people to practice and improve their points in an interview. Also, It is a tool that can be used as many times as necessary, so the possibilities for improvement are endless.

Job interview.  (photo: Christin Klose/dpa)
Job interview. (photo: Christin Klose/dpa)

Of course, there are still some details to refine in Google’s new artificial intelligence. An important detail is that it is currently only available in the United States, although it is likely that it will soon spread to other regions.

Also, Interview Warmup has been created to help users of Google Career Certificates to get a job. In fact, many of the questions will be related to this topic, which can be confusing for those who do not use the platform or are completely unaware of it.

Interview Warmup can be used in Android, iOS either web browsers. You just have to go to the website and follow the steps, although you have to remember that its operation is currently limited to a few regions in the world.

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