What role does Maribel Verdú have in ‘Flash’ and what other superhero movie has she participated in?

After the premiere of marvelita Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, it is the turn of Warner and DC to launch their great superhero bet for 2023. We refer to Flash, the sprinter solo movie ezra miller with which the Distinguished Competition could say goodbye to the Zack Snyder era at the top.

The production of Andy Muschietti (Item), which will hit theaters on June 16, adapts one of the character’s most famous arcs, called Flashpoint, in which Barry Allen he travels back in time to save his mother’s life. However, this action will have dire consequences.

Maribel Verdu has joined this project in the shoes of Nora Allen, Barry’s parent. Nora, which serves as a trigger for the entire plot around which it revolves Flashpoint, He is thus a fundamental character in Muschietti’s production. We explain everything you need to know about her.

Who is Nora Allen, the character of Maribel Verdú

Maribel Verdú in ‘Flash’

Verdú has previously revealed that he agreed to join a blockbuster as Flash by Andy Muschietti, an Argentine director with whom I wanted to collaborate. It was he who convinced her to agree to play Nora Allen, an American character, blond and blue-eyed in the comics, but for whom the filmmaker wanted the Spanish woman.

Created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino for his debut in The Flash #126 (1962), Nora Allen is the doctor’s wife henry allen and Barry’s mother. The character would have another child, Malcolm Thawne, who was presumed dead at birth and given to another family, later to become Cobalt Blue.

Nora was killed by Professor Zoom, who traveled back in time to ruin Barry’s life in The Flash: Rebirth, by Geoff Johns. The villain killed Nora and framed her husband Henry for the crime, a fact that would mark the life of our protagonist.

This traumatic event haunted him for years and, already turned into Flash, upon discovering that he could manipulate time through the ‘Speed ​​Force’ (the energy known as the Speed ​​Force), he decided to go back in time to save his mother. , an event that would have catastrophic consequences.

This event is the arc known as flash point that will adapt Flash, so Verdú plays a fundamental role in the plot. We have already seen the actress in the movie trailer, dancing with the child version of Barry or minutes after the attack that would end his life.

Maribel Verdú in ‘Superlópez’

Maribel Verdú in 'Superlópez'
Maribel Verdú in ‘Superlópez’

Flash It is not the first time for Maribel Verdú in superhero movies. In 2018, the actress played Muller Agate in Superlopez, the movie of Daniel Rovira in which the characters created by Jan.

Born in 1973 as a parody of Superman, Superlópez was an alien from the planet Chitón who lived in Barcelona under the identity of Juan López, a boring accountant. Verdú got into the skin of Ágata Muller, the main antagonist of the production, an alien hunting the protagonist who led the largest electronic device company on Earth.

The character he brought to life in superlopez far from his current role to Flash, but at least we know that Verdú has experience dealing with supermen on the big screen.

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