Home Tech News What Realme says about alleged spying on its users

What Realme says about alleged spying on its users

What Realme says about alleged spying on its users

Following the complaints filed by the University of Edinburgh and Trinity College of Irelandin which they carried out a study where they found that mobile phones Realme Latin Americaamong other brands, have pre-installed applications that are taking information from users without them realizing it, the company indicated that this information is not true.

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For the investigation they took three references, one of each brand, as was the case of the Realme Q3 Prowhat they found is that the phones come from the factory with a series of platforms that have permissions to access people’s data, running in the background and taking that material to the company and the developers of the apps.

Faced with these strong complaints, the company highlighted that, “at Realme we value the privacy and security of all our users, so we do not collect or use user information without their consent. Realme operates in more than 60 markets and we strictly comply with local laws and regulations.”

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Its 4 GB RAM and 50 MP camera are among the highlights.
Its 4 GB RAM and 50 MP camera are among the highlights.

Data protection

Likewise, from the cell phone company, they highlighted that they comply with the stipulated laws of each nation and the international regulations applied in terms of data protection in Latin America. However, they are still in the investigations if there have been more cases of espionage.

“We also refer to regulatory bodies, customer requirements and industry best practices in the countries where Realme operates. For this reason, we have created committees, policies, and control processes to protect data privacy,” Realme said.

One of the most important recommendations is that all phones that have the operating system of Android they have the possibility to update their software to have access to better features, applications and functions, where there are new data security mechanisms.

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what the studies say

On the other hand, from the University of Edinburgh and Trinity College of Ireland, they indicated that the analysts discovered that the three mobile phones investigated, the Redmi Note 11, the OnePlus 9R and the Realme Q3 Pro, have more than 30 third-party platforms installed out of the box.

These types of applications are known as bloatware, and its purpose is to provide the user with a series of services from the moment they make the purchase. Sometimes it takes up more space than necessary.

“We found that these packets transmit to many third-party domains sensitive privacy information related to the user’s device, geolocation, user profile, and social relationships, without consent or even notification,” the researchers said.

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However, they warned that these cases are occurring in the country of Chinain the rest of the world the number of pre-installed apps that represent a risk to the user is between three and four times less.

Therefore, the best option that users have taken and to protect themselves is to review the permissions of the pre-installed applications and delete all those that will not be used. A strategy that is also helping to optimize the battery.

Finally, they state that at this moment in which any device could be affected by a cyber attack, hacking, among other possible security risks that can directly affect cell phones, if not it can involve the data stored inside, including bank information, access codes to other platforms, personal information, etc.

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