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What parents should keep in mind when their children have a cell phone

The age at which it is convenient to buy children their first cell phone is a frequent question among parents (Photo: Getty)

There are many debates about the use of devicesthe age at which it is recommended that they have their cell phone own self and other topics about technology In the kids. Among other reasons, this is why some parental control applications have been developed to prevent them from becoming addicted to the use of it through a certain application or website that is exposed to inappropriate content.


And many TechMarkup readers will ask themselves: what is the best age for a child’s first mobile phone? Well, for a child to have a smartphone at 9 or 13 years does not depend so much on age as on their needs, and of course circumstances. And the ones who know him best are the parents.

Is it better at 9 or 13? If a child is clear about how to behave, healthy habits, relates normally, Why put a specific age to have a mobile phone? If it has not been at the age of 9-10 years, it is quite likely that with the passage to secondary education, the entry into adolescence and a more intense and independent social life, children will argue that all their classmates or friends already have their mobile cell phone.


Recommendations if you have a minor with a cell phone

We must never forget that it is the minors who must take control of their lives and learn how to manage the use of mobile phones and other devices, as long as one is by their side teaching these points. Because if they do things because a father or mother is controlling or watching them, the day it is not done they will not know how to act.


Deep down, sons and daughters want a father to help them do it, to accompany them along the way, even if they struggle in the process. It is clear that one as a father is doing it for them, because they are loved and when they are asked with love they leave. They don’t know and you have to help.

Therefore, without further ado, parents should take into account a few criteria for the use of cell phones and deviceswith the illusion of the beginning, they are willing to do almost anything, such as:

– Time of use at home.


– Use it in common areas of the house.

– Do not use it in the room with the door closed.

– Parents should be interested in the games and applications that their children like.

– Set the schedule of when it turns on in the morning and turns off at night.

– Have a common place to charge it with the rest of family cell phones.

– At meals, cell phones away from the table (for example, put all smartphones in a box).

The age to give a child the first cell phone depends on the family dynamics, if you need to contact the parents or just for fun (Getty Images)
The age to give a child the first cell phone depends on the family dynamics, if you need to contact the parents or just for fun (Getty Images)

Also, parents should always keep in mind that many times your child may encounter controversial situations, inappropriate messages or confusing information. A good idea is to pose different scenarios and try to solve them. The more you imagine, the more tools you will have so that your child knows how to act in these cases.

Finally, as a way of recommending TechMarkup, many times children who have addiction problems with technologies have difficult behaviors out of this world, something that must be taken into consideration.

On the other hand, if a child is a happy and confident person, with high social skills as well as appropriate behavior, it is likely that be responsible with the use of your phone. There is no need to be scared or despair. It is a question of limits and a lot of dialogue.

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