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What measure is Elon Musk considering imposing to keep the account verified on Twitter?

Elon Musk’s profile, with the “blue check” that could become a collection (Reuters)

“The entire verification process is being revamped right now.” The answer of Elon Musk a user who inquired about delays in his request to obtain the precious blue tick in his account gave credence to speculation about a possible charge to obtain it.


As reported by the specialized media TheVergethe plan is to include verification in the Twitter Blue package, a subscription that currently offers benefits such as seeing fewer ads and customizing the layout of the platform.

The cost of the subscription, currently five dollars, would multiply until reaching $20 a monthadded the portal.


What would happen to users who are already verified with the “blue check”? The Verge noted that the plan being studied by the company is that it will take 90 days to subscribe or lose its verification mark.


But time is also running out for employees. The portal indicated that the project engineers have a week, until next Monday the 7th, to launch the function or they will be fired.


Musk’s intention is for revenue from Twitter Blue to grow until the company is less dependent on advertising, which is the main source of funding.

The Twitter logo is seen outside the company's headquarters in San Francisco, California, United States (REUTERS / Carlos Barria / File)
The Twitter logo is seen outside the company’s headquarters in San Francisco, California, United States (REUTERS / Carlos Barria / File)

Twitter spokesmen did not confirm the report, also advanced by the Platformer website, but it was Musk himself who accepted that the issue is being reconsidered.

Reducing the number of accounts recognized as official may make it more difficult to verify false information, as it is currently a method of distinguishing imitator or parody accounts.

Last week Twitter formally became the private property of tycoon Musk, one of its most outspoken critics, leading the social network down an uncertain path.

Scrutiny quickly turned to how the platform will function under a self-proclaimed free speech absolutist that some users fear will turn Twitter into a global arena for hate speech and disinformation.

In a nod to such concerns, Musk’s first “political act” was to announce on Twitter that he would form a “content moderation board” that would aim to encompass “widely diverse viewpoints.”

This weekend he already experienced his first controversy, publishing an unfounded rumor about the attack on the husband of the president of the United States House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi. Later, she deleted the message, which was on the verge of violating the moderation rules still in force.

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