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What is ‘WhatsApp pink’ or Pink WhatsApp, why you should stay away from it.

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Malicious applications are becoming popular. These applications use your contact list to expand to multiple destinations and use systems such as WhatsApp. Almost universal mobile messaging today, or systems similar to SMS, which exist almost forever. This is the case of FluBot, which pretends to be a communications company, and now it is happening with WhatsApp with the name of WhatsApp pink.

Of course, it is not WhatsApp like that, but an application disguised as WhatsApp. It promises that if we install it, it will give your WhatsApp a pink interface and new icons. Nothing is further than the fact, because it is malware that can control our entire mobile phone. The worst of all is that we will install it completely voluntarily.

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Do not click any WhatsApp pink link

It may be the case that the pink WhatsApp reaches you through a message sent by one of your contacts through a real WhatsApp. But the truth is that it is not your contact who sent you the message, but the malware is in charge of delivering the message. Like Flubot, this malware controls the spread of its distribution channels. Therefore, if one of your contacts has sent it to you, that contact has been infected.

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The malware will undoubtedly spread all over the world, from Android phones to Android phones, because it takes advantage of Google’s operating system allowing the installation of third-party .apk files. Therefore, this new WhatsApp can avoid disguising itself within the application on Google Play. For him, a not-so-easy problem is that because it is configured as a hypothetical application, it will turn our WhatsApp to pink without even disguising it.

Pink WhatsApp is a virus

If we receive a message from a contact, this message will invite us to go to a web link that will lead us to download a file that contains the so-called pink WhatsApp Apk, nothing but malware. The software needs our help to install it on its own, and all necessary operational licenses for the software have been granted. If we do, we will get lost because malware will control our phones.

Never download pink WhatsApp APK

The application will be disguised after installation. It will not appear in the list of installed applications and we may forget that we have already installed the application. In our eyes, WhatsApp will not turn pink and we will feel cheated. In fact, the malware will remain in the background, operate without our permission. It steals personal data from the phone while sending it to our WhatsApp contacts to continue spreading. Be very careful with him.

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Article Source: Webeenow

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