Home Tech News What is the use of each camera that the cell phone has?

What is the use of each camera that the cell phone has?

What is the use of each camera that the cell phone has?
The importance of knowing how your cell phone cameras work

like some smartphones they have several microphones that help to capture with greater precision and quality the sounds around the users and their voices during calls, many models of cell phones they also have several cameras (up to five in some cases) that have a similar function: to give users the best quality from Photos possible with a wide variety of options picture.

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The smartphones They also have the ability to use more than one camera at the same time to be able to generate visual effects such as background blur, which brings the experience of taking pictures even closer. Photographs with a smartphone to that of semi-professional cameras.

That is why one of the specifications to take into account when buying a device is to know how many cameras available and what type they are, which will also be decisive when establishing a price in the market. These are some of the ones that can be found in the smartphones at the moment:

All mobile devices have various types of cameras
All mobile devices have various types of cameras

main chamber

In case readers have a device With more than one camera and you take a moment to look at them in detail, you may notice two things: the first is that only one is bigger than the rest and not all have the same aperture size.

These differences are due to the fact that the main camerawhich comes by default on each device, is in charge of capturing the picture while the others will be used as complements in case you want to generate effects, close-ups or activate other image modes.

In some cases the smartphones use artificial intelligence to improve the quality of Photo or their colors even more.

Main camera of a smartphone (Unsplash)
Main camera of a smartphone (Unsplash)

telephoto camera

One of the common functions that smartphones in their cameras is the possibility of making zoom in the images that are at a distance to take pictures. In many occasions this characteristic is in charge of a camera separate complement that performs the action.

However, there is also another option which is the digital zoom and that it does not use a camera, but rather fulfills the function by means of a software that zooms out the image in exchange for losing quality in it. Some cameras may have zooms of 10x either 100x.

macro camera

Some smartphones have a function Macro within its advanced features, but the use of these cameras is very simple and consists of allowing users to take photos from very close without losing quality on the picture as a product of blur in the main chamber.

Smartphone macro camera.  (Motorola)
Smartphone macro camera. (Motorola)

By activating this function, the phones may take pictures with cameras located less than 5 centimeters away in cases such as water, plants, objects, textures, animals and even insects with good resolution.

wide angle camera

This type of camera has the ability to magnify the field of view of smartphones so that photos include as many elements as possible within a scene.

Some devices represent this function as part of the zoom under the name “0.5x”which instead of zooming in, zooms it out to capture more information with a fixed focus on all objects within its reach in exchange for a slight distortion in the appearance of the Photography.

iPhone wide angle camera
iPhone wide angle camera

Besides the frontal camerawhich is the most used in cases of video calls and take selfies, the devices can also have other types such as monochrome cameras that automatically take black and white photos without the need for effects or filters, and infrared cameras such as those used to detect facial locks.

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