What is the most watched series in the world in 2022? Check out!

Dahmer – An American Cannibal is, until nowthe most watched series of 2022. Data were collected from the platform JustWatch and crossed with official statistics released by streaming platforms and TV channels, both open and cable.


The miniseries that depicts the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was created by Ryan Murphy. Despite the Netflix series dealing with a real fact, the other productions most seen by the public show a predilection for fantasy and science fiction shows.

Curious? Check out with us the series that the public has watched the most so far in 2022.

1. Dahmer – An American Cannibal


(Source: Netflix)Source: Netflix

Ryan Murphy signed a deal with Netflix that, apparently, was to their advantage.


For the streaming giant, it brought one of the most coveted producers and creators; for Murphy, it was the possibility of working with creative freedom on his most varied obsessions. It is the case of Dahmer – An American Cannibalmost watched series in 2022.

Criticized – according to some people – for deifying one of the serial killers most brutal acts in US history, she has captured the public’s attention since her entrance.

According to a survey by Netflix, until the beginning of this month, more than 500 million hours of the series watched. Evan Peters, who plays the killer, even gave interviews talking about how hard it was to play Dahmer.

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two. She-Hulk – Defender of Heroes

(Source: Disney)(Source: Disney)Source: Disney

She-Hulk it had everything to be a failure, especially after the first images released of the series became a meme, due to the low quality of the graphics and the CGI.

To the surprise of many people, the series of the Marvel Universe was an absolute success of the public and critics. The result was so positive that it became the second most watched series in 2022.

Of course for She-Hulk to be praised, in addition to an excellent script and good performances, the team improved the graphics and all the special effects. A great epic for a project that had been insinuating itself since the 1980s.

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3. Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

(Source: Prime Video)(Source: Prime Video)Source: Prime Video

A series based on the universe of Lord of the Rings it was an old wish, the idea of ​​which was embraced by Amazon. A step before the spinoff series launch The Rings of Power, was to bring every movie to the Prime Video catalog.

With weekly episodes, the production went against the practice made a habit by the platforms of streaming, which usually make all the chapters available at once. The strategy ensured that users returned weekly.

Third most watched series in 2022, The Rings of Power takes place before what we saw in The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ringnarrating, from Tolkien’s original texts, the resurgence of evil in Middle-earth.

  • Available on Amazon Prime Video.

4. the house of the dragon

(Source: HBO)(Source: HBO)Source: HBO

Another eagerly awaited production was the house of the dragonwhich recaptured part of the glorious – and grandiose – universe of game of Thrones.

The premise of the fourth most watched series of 2022 returns 200 years before what we had seen in the series that adapted the work of George RR Martin. The goal is to tell the story of House Targaryen.

In addition to guaranteeing expressive numbers for HBO Max, which also opted for weekly episodes, the pilot of the house of the dragon became the biggest debut in the history of the channel. In addition, it raised audience ratings from game of Thrones.

  • Available on HBO Max.

5. Stranger Things

(Source: Netflix)(Source: Netflix)Source: Netflix

As Netflix chooses to disclose the numbers of its productions individually, that is, by season, Stranger Things is not the most watched series in the history of the platform.

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But no fan need be disappointed, as the fourth season – which this year was split into two parts – made the production the fifth most-watched series of the year, which is quite an accomplishment.

This year, we had the return of Hopper, the appearance of the great villain Vecna ​​and a lot of action. There were those who turned up their nose a little, thinking that Stranger Things was uneven when compared to previous seasons.

In any case, there was no lack of emotion – and records, as this year’s episodes were the most watched of the entire series.

  • Available on Netflix.

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