What is the famous series that used a song by José Larralde and did not pay him copyright: “I did not charge a mango” He is a folk legend but he suffers from lack of work and his economic situation is pressing. A multi-award winning production included one of his creations but the singer did not receive any benefit. The scene that they musicalized with his theme, “Quimey Neuquén”

“Quimey Neuquén”, the theme of Larralde that musicalized a scene in Breaking Bad but for which he never charged

Throughout his career, José Larralde composed more than 600 songs whose lyrics focus on the life of rural workers, especially in the humid pampas and Patagonia. From an early age, he began to write verses with critical content and knew how to stand out in the milonga campera. Although in the 1980s he moved away from festivals, at each recital he summoned a large number of spectators. However, one day that flame went out and today, the musician’s present is very different.

Away from the media, it was in a home interview that it was possible to learn how this legend of popular music lives and what is of his life. It was an admirer, Herbert Coello, who crossed him, spoke with him and shared the recording on social networks of him. With the tranquility that always characterized him, Larralde remarked with a slight smile how he is: “I am alive and on the loose.” However, the reality that he is going through turns out to be harsher than imagined.

I’m not a teacher, I’m like everyone else. Without work, scratching the bottom of the pot because it comes hard”, remarked the musician. In addition, he stated that his children are in a similar situation since “they are jumping to work because they work for them and it gets hard.”

“There are girls who say that I charge 3 thousand pesos to make notes, but I never charged. I don’t like to make notes because I don’t have much to say”, she is honest and recounts a very particular episode that shows that the magic is still intact and that his music continues to transcend worldwide. One of the most popular songs he performed is “Quimey Neuquén” and it surprised many people since it appeared in the fifth season of the popular series Breaking Bad, starring Bryan Craston Y Aaron Paul Come in between 2008 and 2013.

José Larralde acknowledged that he does not have a job and is in a difficult moment

“Just in the last chapter, when they kill the professor (Walter White’s character) I appear singing Quimey NeuquenLarralde detailed. And he was critical of the music and its relationship with the scene. “And I say, ‘what does ‘Quimey Neuquén’ have to do with northern Mexico?” he expressed.

Far from charging for the use of the song that he released on his first album in 1967, Larralde confessed that he received nothing for its use in the award-winning Netflix series. In fact, he indicated that he found out from acquaintances who saw the fiction. “I did not charge a mango. They didn’t give me a handle for that because they say there is no agreement with the United States “, lamented the author of hits such as “Herencia Pa’ Un Hijo Gaucho” and “Grito changa”, among others.

Before ending the note, the folklorist who is recovering from a fall, left a pacifying message: “Hopefully we will make a full recovery. Let everything settle down a bit, let’s stop screwing around, we seem like enemies.”

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