What is the best gaming smartphone 2022?

1- Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Arguably the best gaming smartphone 2022

Imagine a smartphone that would have access to all the games in the Android catalog, would be extremely powerful, would deliver incredible autonomy and allow you to play anywhere on an XXL 7.6″ screen? Samsung’s latest foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Z Fold3 is arguably the best gaming smartphone of 2022 in many ways.


However, with this device, the future is in your hands. With one of the most comfortable gaming experiences to date on a smartphone. Unlike previous models, Samsung has made this device quite durable and decidedly futuristic. We have IPx8 water resistance for the first time. The flexible screen is covered with an ultra-resistant UTG glass. The exterior is protected by ultra-strong Victus Gorilla Glass.

The hinge has been revised and corrected to make it more robust and allow it to remain folded in certain positions. The screen itself is 120Hz which is perfect for gaming. The punch of the selfie camera has disappeared in favor of an integrated sensor directly under the pixels. So that the rendering of the games is not disturbed by anything on this XXL screen. On the chip side, we have a Snapdragon 888 associated with 12 GB of RAM. Ultra-fast storage is UFS 3.1 standard.

On top of that the device has one of the best sets of 12 Mp cameras in the market. And practical technologies to connect controllers without lag, such as Bluetooth 5.2. It is therefore de facto the best gaming smartphone of 2022 even if Samsung does not position it at all in this niche!

2- Asus ROG Phone 5

The best gaming smartphone 2022 with 144Hz refresh rate

Impossible not to mention the ROG Phone 5 in this top best gaming smartphone 2022. After several already successful versions, Asus is pushing the limits of smartphone gaming. In addition to its excellent performance and two-day battery life, the ROG Phone 5 is entirely designed for gaming.

For the manufacturer, the experience of mobile gaming therefore depends on performance, but also on the screen quality, gameplay and audio. Behind its very gaming-oriented design, the ROG Phone 5 hides a powerful processor (Snapdragon 888) combined with a liquid cooling system and several vents ensuring long sessions without overheating. Asus even provides a small accessory incorporating a fan.

The 6.78-inch 10-bit OLED screen displays content in Full HD+ with an “optimal” mode particularly interesting for gaming. Mostly, its refresh rate of 144 Hz ensures great fluidity. Add to that two Hi-Res Audio compatible stereo speakers developed in partnership with Dirac and the immersion is total.

To spoil nothing, Asus has redesigned the software interface and has developed an application exclusive to the game. Once launched, you access an interface grouping together all the available games and various optimization parameters. Two triggers with haptic feedback facilitate gameplay and provide an excellent gaming experience even on a touch screen.

At last, Asus offers a multitude of accessories, including controllers with joysticks and physical buttons. As you will have understood, the ROG Phone 5 stands out as the best gaming smartphone on the market. Nevertheless its call price of 799 euros is not within the reach of all budgets. But when you love…

3- Xiaomi Black Shark 4

The best gaming smartphone 2022 for value for money

Like Asus, Black Shark offers the fourth iteration of his gaming smartphone, the Black Shark 4. Historically, the manufacturer has positioned itself as the benchmark for good value for money. This new model remains faithful to this philosophy.

Offered at 499 euros, it is therefore much more affordable than the ROG Phone 5. Obviously Black Shark had to make some concessions. The most important is at the processor level since the manufacturer opts for a Snapdragon 870 chip and not the more efficient 888. This does not prevent it from delivering enough power to play all mobile games, even the most demanding.

Black Shark is much more generous on other criteria: 144Hz Full HD+ AMOLED display HDR 10+ has nothing to envy to that of Asus and the DTS sound ensures a beautiful immersion.

Enduring, the Black Shark 4 is compatible with fast charging up to 120 W. Again, it has nothing to envy to the market benchmark. And if its plastic design is a little cheap, we gladly forgive this little weakness with regard to its price.

4- iPhone 13 Pro Max

The best gaming smartphone 2022 thanks to Apple Arcade, solid battery life and a beautiful 120Hz display

Apple has been relying on its mobile game offer for a very long time, and to date has one of the most complete catalogs, both in number of titles and in quality. Apple has been offering the Apple Arcade subscription for some time, which allows you to consume games from the App Store, along with a number of interesting indie titles like Inside, at will. The iPhones are therefore a very attractive platform for mobile gaming, but until now the iPhones were a little lacking in terms of their characteristics, particularly in terms of the refresh rate.

The error is nevertheless advantageously repaired on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. We are in fact moving to one of the best 120 Hz screens on the market (it is manufactured by Samsung), to a new A16 Bionic chip which again this year ridicules the performance of its closest competitors and to an increased quantity of RAM which will be appreciated in some rather greedy titles. Added to this are significantly larger battery capacities, and an XXL screen that allows you to fully enjoy your mobile gaming sessions.

In addition to being part of this top best gaming smartphone 2022, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is also one of the best smartphones available for purchase in 2022. In addition to its power, its design, its autonomy, and the 120 Hz screen, Apple has clearly progressed in the field of photography, with a triple set of physically very large sensors that capture much more light and detail. But also sensor shift stabilization technology and a LiDAR sensor.

Many shots compare favorably to those of the other heavyweight on the market, the Galaxy S21 Ultra and its 108 Mp sensor. In the field of video, especially 4K, the device is even far ahead of its competitors.

5- Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The best gaming smartphone 2022 in an ultra-premium Android flagship box

In the flagships that act as the best gaming smartphone there is also the Galaxy S21 Ultra. As on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the smartphone deserves its place in this comparison because of its unparalleled performance, its large RAM envelope, ultra-fast UFS 3.1 storage, its good energy management, and its 120 Hz screen, knowing that Samsung is undoubtedly the best manufacturer of mobile screens on the market.

The screen is also, with 1500 nits, one of the brightest currently available. On the chip side, in France, we have an Exynos 2100, the equivalent engraved in 5 nm to the Snapdragon 888 from Qualcomm. Most variants come with 12 GB of RAM, but it is possible to opt for the 512 GB storage model if you want to benefit from 16 GB of RAM to streamline your gaming sessions.

In addition to that, we are on what is undoubtedly the most gifted Android smartphone in photography. We have a quadruple sensor taken by a 108 Mp main module, a 10 Mp periscopic telephoto lens, another shorter 10 Mp telephoto lens, and a 12 Mp ultra-wide-angle – the whole being optically stabilized. The selfie sensor is not left out since Samsung has integrated a particularly capable 40 Mp sensor. As on the Galaxy Fold3, there are technologies useful to gamers such as Bluetooth 5.2.

6- OnePlus 9 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra… there are also other high-end alternatives

Even if they are not models dedicated to gaming, the latest high-end smartphones have certain advantages that make the experience more pleasant. Besides the iPhone 13 Pro Max and the Galaxy S22 Ultra, two models in particular are interesting: the OnePlus 9 Pro (and probably also the OnePlus 10 Pro at the end of the month), and the Xiaomi 12 Pro.

All have a large screen and are particularly powerful. The Xiaomi 12 Pro, OnePlus 9 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro stand out with a 120Hz refresh rate. All of this makes animations noticeably smoother. But that’s not the only interest of buying a very high-end smartphone rather than a smartphone really intended for gamers.

The advantage of these models is their versatility. If they do not have an interface dedicated to gaming, they shine with the quality of their camera, a real defect on all gaming smartphones. You will also be able to take better videos, and often enjoy little extras such as the integrated S-Pen on a smartphone such as the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Then comes the question of accessories. PS4/PS5, Joy-Con, or Xbox Controller support may work around the issue. Some props even offer kits that allow you to add a real controller to the device. But the experience does not reach that of a smartphone designed for gaming, especially on the move. Nevertheless, as we can see, high-end smartphones remain very good alternatives. Provided you pay the price.

Conclusion: how to choose the best gaming smartphone in 2022?

If you want the best gaming smartphone available in 2022, there are actually two possible choices: either opt for the dedicated gaming smartphone offer, which are ultra-powerful devices that are well optimized for gaming but often fall short elsewhere, especially in Photo. Either opt for high-end flagships which have the advantage of delivering equivalent services while being much more versatile.

In the end, it all depends on what you group together in your needs, as well as, of course, the budget you have. Smartphones truly dedicated to gaming can deliver better value for money, for example if you opt for the Xiaomi Black Shark 4. But others like the ROG Phone have a price just as high as more high-end generalist smartphones.

So, as a general rule, if in-shell controls aren’t your thing, the higher-end flagships are likely to give you a better overall experience. In this area, it is difficult to do better than the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Samsung’s foldable smartphone offers a truly XXL screen when unfolded. As long as the game is displayed in this definition, the experience is totally sublimated.

iPhones, on the other hand, have several advantages: a well-established reputation for performance, a community of beautiful and interesting independent game developers, and the Apple Arcade subscription, which allows you to play all Unlimited games available.

Finally, if you’re really aiming for low prices, and you’re not interested in the Xiaomi black Shark, look at OnePlus, Realme, Poco, and other flagships that put the package on performance to the detriment of the rest, such as the quality of the materials.

You will probably get away with it for a very reasonable price without having to suffer from poor performance in order to permanently put the odds on your side.

Our comparison of the best gaming smartphones 2022 ends here. This guide will be updated as the releases progress. By the way, which one is the best gaming smartphone for you? Share your favorite model in the comments!

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