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What is the best cell phone for photos under R $ 2,000?

Do you like to take good pictures, but don’t want to invest a very high amount in your next cell phone? Canaltech helps you choose the best cell phone camera up to R$ 2,000 for you to pile up likes on social networks with your photos.

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We chose models from the main brands available in Brazil, obviously respecting the price range. Therefore, keep in mind that these cell phones do not compete directly with the most advanced models in terms of photography. They get the job done, but they’re no better than the top of the line.

They are intermediate cell phones, which also deliver good performance for everyday tasks – and go a little further. Let’s go to the best cell phone for photos up to R$ 2,000 from Motorola, Realme, Samsung and Xiaomi.


Moto G73

Also on the list of best Moto G for taking pictures, the Motorola Moto G73 is the best Motorola phone under R$ 2,000 when we talk about cameras. The rear set is quite competent, with the main camera having 50 MP and the ultrawide having 8 MP, which also does macro.

Among the strong points are the good dynamic range, accurate colors and great cropping in portrait mode. These are photos for those who don’t like exaggerated saturation, or prefer to change this setting in a later edition.

The Moto G73 has a main sensor with a technology that Motorola calls Ultra Pixel. It is just a feature that joins four smaller pixels into a single larger one, which enhances image details. And it also helps to enhance the sharpness and clarity of photos in dimly lit environments.

However, the night mode is not as good as it may seem. It’s still well below what we see in competitors, when you look at noise reduction and even increased sharpness. The photo gets better, but it’s not impressive.

The front camera is not as good as the main one. They are 16 MP, which have fewer textures and much lower dynamic range. But a good photographer can take excellent pictures without too much work: just use the light in your favor and make a good composition. They are good photos for social networks.

It is possible to find the Moto G73 in the R$ 1,800 range. It is good to consider that the launch price is R$ 2,000, and it may be interesting to wait for this value to drop a little more, to around R$ 1,500, before making the investment.

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realme 9

Unlike most cell phones, the Realme 9’s camera is not so fond of light. From what I’ve tested the device, it does better indoors than under sunlight, a rather curious feature. But, considering that it’s even more common to take pictures in slightly more challenging environments, it might even be good.

However, keep in mind that this model is not so easy to get the best shots. It’s good to have a sense of composition and know how to use the light to your advantage. Unfortunately, it’s not a ‘point and click’ phone, which would be ideal.

The Realme 9 has a 108 MP main camera, an 8 MP ultrawide camera and a 2 MP macro camera. The front has 16 MP and takes decent selfies, but with a lower dynamic range than the main one. But it has good level of texture. Only portrait mode is not recommended for selfies.

Speaking of weaknesses, the macro camera can be quite difficult to deal with. In addition to the low resolution, getting the focus distance right is not easy, even with a ruler. It takes a lot of patience and training to get good pictures with this sensor.

A positive point is the various camera modes. One of them is the urban mode, which is nothing more than an option that facilitates the zoom when shooting. The result is the same as in automatic mode.

You can find Realme 9 in the range of R$ 1,900 with stock in Brazil. They are importers, who bring the device from abroad and resell it in marketplaces. That is, they only offer up to three months of warranty, and not the 12 months that you would have if you bought it officially — but then the price is above R$ 2,000.

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Galaxy A54

If you follow the content of Canaltech a lot, you must have already seen the Samsung Galaxy A54 recommended as one of the best cell phones for photos among intermediaries. Samsung’s smartphone is so good, especially in night mode, that it even surpasses the iPhone 14 in some scenarios.

The model has a 50 MP main camera and a 12 MP ultrawide camera. Dynamic range and textures are the main positives. And the night mode photos are much better than most mid-range models. It’s a phone that takes great pictures without much effort.

However, for those who don’t like excessive saturation, maybe the Galaxy A54 won’t like it so much. Technically, the photos are great, but there’s this subjectivity in photos that involves some adjustments to colors and light. Most people look at a photo taken with the intermediary and like it. But some won’t find it very good.

Still, it is the model on this list that I recommend the most, second only to the Galaxy S20 FE. Especially because the photos in good lighting are excellent, and the night mode does a very good job of reducing noise and improving sharpness. Oh, and the main camera has optical stabilization, an uncommon feature in intermediaries.

I dare say that the Galaxy A54 has the best cell phone camera in the mid-range category today. At least if we consider options officially available in Brazil. All cameras are good, including selfies.

The Samsung model is in the range of R$ 1,800, and has already had offers below that. But it pays to even pay a little more if you don’t find the product at the desired price and you have some urgency to buy.

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Galaxy S20 FE

The seemingly eternal Galaxy S20 FE is still very successful, and could not be left out of this list. After all, it is possibly the best cell phone camera up to R$ 2,000 that you can find in Brazil officially, that is, with a 12-month warranty and everything.

This model does not owe much to the others in the Galaxy S20 line, and it is not far behind the Galaxy S21 FE either. That’s why it remains on the list, in addition to being at an increasingly lower price: it has already appeared for around R$ 1,600 on offer.

The S20 FE has great dynamic range, excellent sharpness and a very good level of textures, both in the main camera and in the ultrawide. And the big bonus is the telephoto lens, which allows a 3x optical zoom. Canaltech has already explained what cell phone cameras are and what they are for.

The night mode, of course, is also very good. You get photos with slightly improved clarity, but without losing the low-light look. Post-processing also manages to increase sharpness and reduce noise to deliver a good result.

The front camera is already a little more complicated. She is very good, make no mistake. The problem is that it reduces textures, removing some normal marks and blemishes from your face, which gives it a Barbie (or Ken) doll look. Some people prefer it that way, and that’s okay.

You can find the Galaxy S20 FE for less than R$2,000 easily nowadays. Even the 256 GB version of internal storage can appear in this price range — and it’s really worth it. You can also keep an eye on Canaltech Offers to find out if the device repeats the R$ 1,600 promotion.

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Poco X5 Pro

If you are looking for the best Xiaomi for taking pictures, the Poco X5 Pro may be your option. With a 108 MP main camera, the device has artificial intelligence and HDR options. And it might improve the photo in some cases, but it might be better to turn it off in others.

Is that the results vary greatly, and may even burst the backlight on sunny days. It depends on your experience to know when to activate AI, while HDR can be on automatic, as the cell phone decides when it’s good to use it.

If you like very sharp saturation, you can use and abuse artificial intelligence. If you prefer more realistic colors, I recommend keeping the option always disabled.

The Poco X5 Pro should please most people, with photos that will be successful on social networks. But, remember, this also depends on your photographic skill, since the composition does not depend on the device, but on your vision when making the best framing.

The device still has ultrawide and macro cameras, but this second one is not highly recommended, as it has a very low resolution, 2 MP. The front, which has 16 MP, performs curiously better than the rear. And even in low-light environments, in addition to portrait mode.

You can find the Poco X5 Pro in the range of R$ 1,950 with importers. That is, people who bring their cell phones from abroad and resell them in marketplaces. Then you lose the 12-month warranty, leaving only three months, which is mandatory by law in national retail.

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