What is the Archive option for in WhatsApp?

What is the Archive option for in WhatsApp?

Archive chats feature WhatsApp allows you to hide an individual or group conversation from the general chat list to favor organization.

In this way, for example, you can take to that section conversations that are not relevant or in which you do not want to participate as often.

Keep in mind that this function does not delete the chat, but saves it over time. As soon as a message is received, the chat reappears in the list, unless the function is activated so that the archived chats remain savedin that case, even when a notification arrives, the conversation will remain hidden. It was what was once known as vacation mode.

How to archive and unarchive a conversation on Android

Press the conversation that you want to archive. Doing this will cause different icons to appear in the top margin. One of them is a square with an arrow pointing down. Touch there and the selected chat will be archived.

To see the archived chats, just go to the top of the main tab, where are all the conversations and click on the option that says Archived chats. There you will access all the conversations in that section.

If you want to unarchive a conversation, you have to go there, click on the chat in question and click on the unarchive icon, which is like the one mentioned above but with an up arrow.

How to archive all chats

To archive all chats, go to the more options icon/Settingsthen click on Chats/Chat history and choose the option Archive all chats.

How to avoid receiving notifications of archived chats

On the main tab, tap the more options icon/ Settingsthen go to chat and activate the option that says Keep chats archived. This way the archived conversations will remain silent even when a new message is received.


Archive or unarchive chats

In the case of iOS you have to go to the tab chatand swipe the corresponding individual or group chat to the left and press Archive.

To unarchive you have to follow the same steps mentioned above, and once the conversation has been chosen, choose the option Unarchive.

As well all chats can be archived at once. For this you have to go to Settings / Chats / Archive all chats.

To keep the conversations archived and not receive notifications, you have to follow the same steps as on Android.

What’s new in WhatsApp for Windows

The new beta of WhatsApp for Windows added the possibility of accessing archived chats in addition to being able to archive and unarchive conversations and the introduction of icons within the chat options.

This new update reaches the beta of WhatsApp for Windows 2.2213.3.0 available in the Microsoft Store and is already being deployed, as reported WABetaInfo.

The new features include the ability to view archived chats, as well as being able to archive and unarchive conversations to suit the WhatsApp user on Windows.

From the mentioned portal it indicates that there are some bugs or errors in this new function, such as unarchive a chat does not automatically refresh the list of conversations. But an update to resolve this may be coming soon, as it is common for trial or beta editions to be more unstable.

The version of the archived chats that is included in this version of WhatsApp for Windows is the most recent, that is to say, that will keep chats archived even after receiving new messages.

In addition to this novelty, WhatsApp also incorporated new icons in its Windows version that appear when opening chat options, including files, links and groups, among others.