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What is reverse cell phone charging and how is it used?

What it is, how it is used and which cell phones have reverse charging, a battery sharing technology.

Technology companies designed a solution so that users can share charge with their mobiles without the need to connect it to the electrical current. This is called reverse charging.


While this technology has been implemented in recent years. many people don’t know about it and they also don’t know that they have it available on their phone.

What is reverse charging

This charging option consists of sharing the battery, that is, passing energy from one cell phone to another through a cable or wirelessly.


If a phone is running out of battery, it can be connected to another that has this technology enabled, although the time will change according to the capacity of each device.

In addition, not only cell phones can be charged but also other types of gadgets such as wireless headphones, smart watches or tablets.

Explanation of how reverse charging works on cell phones.
Explanation of how reverse charging works on cell phones.

How to use reverse charging


There are two ways to use this way of charging, wired or wireless. For both cases, a previous process must be done to activate the function on the cell phone, so go to Settings> Battery> Performance> Enable reverse charging. This way it will be ready to use.

If the cable option is chosen, it will be necessary to have one that in both ports ends in the type of USB type C that the mobile has, or also look for an OTG adapter or converter to link two cables. After activating the function with the above process, it will only be enough to connect both phones and the shared charge will start.

For this method, it is important to keep in mind that the mobile that is going to pass power only needs to be compatible with reverse charging.

If wireless is preferred, both phones must be compatible. To do the process, everything is much simpler because it will only be enough to put both cell phones together from the back and before having activated the initial configuration on both.

It is important to bear in mind that this method makes charging slower, barely reaching a speed of 4 watts, so it is an option that can serve as a quick solution.

Explanation of how reverse charging works on cell phones.
Explanation of how reverse charging works on cell phones.

Which cell phones are compatible with reverse charging?

The first option to find out if the phone is compatible is to go to Settings and try to do the reverse charge activation process, if it does not appear it is because this technology is not directly enabled.

For the most part, the mobiles that have this function are the high-end brands, since it is a premium function that for now is only in this sector.

At the moment the iPhone They do not have this possibility, however, Manzana It has already patented this technology, which does not mean that it will be seen directly, but it opens up a great option that users are waiting for.

PatentlyApply was in charge of giving this information, assuring that the company hopes to bring this charge to watches, cell phones, tablets, laptops, removable batteries and accessories, to receive and send energy between them, because they all have power circuits of this style for implement it.

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