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What is “No Breath” about, the French action movie that is among the most watched on Netflix?

What is

Since its premiere on February 25, no respite leads the list of the most watched foreign language films in Netflix. The French film, directed by Regis Blondeau (in his film debut), mixes the action and the characters of corrupt police officers in fiction to bring to life this proposal for the cinema that is about deception and the dangers that triggered an event much darker than it seems.

The story centers on Thomas Blin (Frank Gastambide), a policeman who has just lost his mother. Returning from the funeral, he is driving and makes a sudden maneuver to avoid running over a dog on the road, however, this action ends up taking the life of a man. The decision he made instantly was to take the body and hide it, although that singular accident will cause a series of events to begin to disturb his life.

After stopping at nothing to hide an accident, a corrupt cop’s life spirals out of control when he receives threats from a mysterious witness.”, indicates the official synopsis. The protagonist will do everything possible to continue covering up the crime he committed to the point where he does not know himself and loses all the qualities that led him to be a law enforcement officer at some point in the past.