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What is needed to be verified in the most used and popular social networks

The profile verification It is an action carried out by the main social media to authenticate the authenticity of the accounts and verify that they are managed by the legitimate users of the profiles. To do this, they apply various selection criteria, such as checking links to user information, collecting identification documents, analyzing their participation, among others; although the criteria vary from one to another.


When the social network in question believes that all the requirements are met, it adds a badge of ‘blue checkmark’ to user profile to indicate that the account is authentic and verified.

Next, TechMarkup will review all the methods by which the user must request verification of their accounts in Instagram, TikTok, Twitter Y Facebook.

How to verify an Instagram profile


Although Instagram proactively verifies the accounts of users of influencers, any user can submit to this validation and request validation of their account.

However, the application is not guaranteed to achieve the blue check if Instagram’s requirements are not met, including, but not limited to, a constant and dynamic user in the social network. These are the conditions and steps for verification:


– You must have uploaded at least one publication on the social network.

– You must have an identity document at hand.

1. The user must enter their profile through a mobile phone and press on it settings menu of your account, represented by the three horizontal stripes at the top right of the screen.


2. Now, press the option ‘Settings’ > ‘Account’ > ‘Request verification’.

3. A form will open for you to fill out and attach the requested documents. Once this is done, you have to wait for Instagram’s response about the validation process, which usually takes a few weeks.

If the request is denied, the soonest you can request a review again is one month after.

How to verify a TikTok profile

TikTok users cannot voluntarily initiate validation of their profile. It is the social network that sends a email indicating to the user that they have been selected for verification.

Despite the fact that the social network keeps secret the criteria it considers relevant to validate a profile, it has indicated that its content creators must be authentic, create quality content and be consistent. With this in mind, here are some steps to consider to improve your TikTok reputation and get verified:

– Create content from high quality with perfectly recorded videos to enhance the user experience.

– Create viral videos with themes that really impact users and capture their attention. They have to be entertaining, original and very creative videos.

– Being a user who constantly publishes creative content.

– Use relevant hashtags that are trend on the platform.

– Have a good number of contacts within the social network.

How to verify a Twitter profile

On Twitter, the mark is also blue and is used to confirm the authenticity of public figures. A few years ago, if a user wanted to validate his Twitter account, it was not possible.

Now you can request verification from the web, as well as in iOS Y Android. To do so, follow these steps:


– Gonna Settings and privacy > Account > Account information.

– Once the password is entered, go to Request verification.

iOS and Android:

– Press Settings and privacy > Account > Verification request.

How to verify a Facebook profile

In the case of Facebook, account verification is also represented by a zzul check. However, getting it on a user’s profile is as complicated as doing it on Instagram.

Facebook validates famous and influential users, but not everyone. If any TechMarkup reader is an emblematic person within the social network, you can follow the steps below to achieve verification without verification:

– You must have at least one publication on Facebook.

– It is also essential to have all profile data completed and with them, having accepted the conditions of use of the platform.

– Verification can be done from the computer or the smartphoneand directly in the user profile.

facebook has different requirements depending on the type of profile:

– If it is a personrequest a video or photo with a government-issued ID, eg, passport, driver’s license, ID card.

– In the case of a business Account, a copy of the utility bills must be sent; for example telephone, water, electricity, or a document that identifies the organization. In addition, a genuine link of weight and value must be sent to the company, as well as all the elements that guarantee the veracity of the company.

– Once all the requirements and steps have been met, Facebook validates or not the verification information in a period that can last weeks.

In case of refusal, application can be resubmitted within 30 days upon receipt of the denial.

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