What is Instagram Take a Break function: how users can set limits

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Some Instagram users might find themselves spending far too much time scrolling through the infinite feed every now and then. Instagram is now introducing a new function that users can use to remind themselves to take a break.

As Instagram boss Adam Mosseri, who is responsible for Instagram at Meta Platforms (previously known as Facebook Inc.), announced in a Twitter post, the developers are currently testing a function called “Take A Break”. This will be part of the Instagram app for mobile devices and should ensure that the user is regularly reminded to temporarily interrupt their use.


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The duration can be determined by yourself

Basically, the whole thing works very simply, whereby it is up to the user to activate and configure the function. You decide yourself when you want to be asked to interrupt the Instagram scrolling sessions. Any time between 10 and 30 minutes can be specified.

Testing “Take a Break” 🧑‍🔬

We started testing a new feature called “Take a Break” this week. This opt-in control enables you to receive break reminders in-app after a duration of your choosing.

I’m excited to dig into the results & hopefully launch this sometime in December. ✌🏼 pic.twitter.com/WdSTjL6ZdH

– Adam Mosseri 😷 (@mosseri)
November 10, 2021

If the “Take A Break” function is activated, the user will be asked after the specified period to let the smartphone or tablet rest for a while in order to recover, to work productively or to do anything else refrain from using the app. According to Mosseri, the new function will be rolled out on a broad front as part of an update to the Instagram app from December.


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Actually, “Take A Break” in Instagram is nothing more than the digital wellbeing function, which has been included in Google Android since version 9.0, for example. This monitors how long the device is used and then displays a message to warn the owner of an excessively long period of use. In this case, too, the whole thing is completely optional.

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