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What is Instagram Replay 2021. How do I enable my Summarization of the Year?

Instagram has started introducing its own yearly summary called Replay 2021. In this way, you can view a collection of the best stories from its own channel for the last 12 months. The function is also starting to appear in Poland. Let’s see how you can easily turn it on.

The 2021 replay is an Instagram summary of the year that allows users to access the best stories (according to algorithms) shared by them in the last 12 months. The option also appears in Poland.


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If you want to see your own Replay 2021, touch the special tile in the application that Instagram displays at the top of the window. Then 10 stories will be shown, which the user can edit before sharing and enrich with additional beautifying elements.

 Instagram Replay 2021
Credit: Instagram

On the summary screen, the user can select the stories they want to share. You can also add stickers. Once personalized, the content will be shared in the story.

If the 2021 Replay tile is not displayed in your application, you can enable the option in a different way. You need to view another person’s summary for this. Then you need to tap sticker 2021 located in the corner of these stories. It is worth adding that Instagram is working on introducing parental controls.

Instagram recently started encouraging users to take their video selfies so the company can make sure they are popular. The service also shared new details about new measures it has taken to protect users from platform harassment. The company also rolled out better parental controls and “Do you want to rest?” Memoirs for children in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Great Britain, and the United States. According to the company, Instagram also prevents users from tagging or grooming teenagers who don’t follow them, and when teenagers spend too much time on one topic they are pushed into another.

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