What is AMD RAMP? Do you see Intel’s XMP profiles? Alright, let’s explain

AMD also wants to propose a system to regulate the DDR5 beyond JEDEC specifications.

Very difficult to supply and offered at exorbitant prices, the new RAM – DDR5 SDRAM – is not expected before the second half of 2022 at AMD, which would like to align the launch of its AM5 platform with wider availability of bars.

XMP 3.0 from Intel

With the launch of the Alder Lake architecture, Intel was the first to switch to DDR5. Of course, the American relies on the memory specifications of JEDEC, an organization responsible for harmonizing things.

Partly “for safety”, these specifications take various precautions and are not “aggressive” enough for many RAM modules, especially high-end models designed by Corsair or G.Skill to name only the most well-known manufacturers. .

So Intel came up with XMP – to Extreme Memory Profile – which he upgraded to version 3.0 for Alder Lake and DDR5. Thanks to XMP, we can enjoy better timings memory and, in fact, significantly improve the performance of a configuration.


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A launch RAMP for DDR5?

Shepherd’s answer to the shepherdess, AMD will offer RAMP – for Ryzen Accelerated Memory Profile – at the release of its generation of processors capable of using DDR5. The idea here is also to adjust as automatically – and aggressively – as possible the timings of living memory.

Mention of AMD RAMP on the latest beta of HWiNFO
© TechPowerUp

Mention of AMD RAMP on the latest beta of HWiNFO © TechPowerUp

Coming from multiple sources, the information was notably confirmed by the developer of HWiNFO, very practical software to know everything about its configuration, its settings. The programmer notably specified that when the Ryzen 7000 processors on Zen 4 cores are released, the RAMP will be integrated into the BIOS of the AM5 motherboards.

Remember that this is not the first time that AMD has used such a technique to improve support for RAM modules. In its previous generations, the Americans could count on the A-XMP. RAMP should go further while Intel has already specified that with Raptor Lake, its 13and generation, DDR5 would be even better supported.


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Source: TechPowerUp

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