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What happened to MySpace and Hi5, the social networks that could dominate the world and failed

The growth of social media it’s definitely been exponential in the last few years, just take a look back 15 years to realize how much they’ve changed, see which ones stayed on the way and all the new projects that today are essential in people’s daily routines


The vast majority have been able to see the growth of giants like Facebook, as well as surely have records of Hi5 or my space. Next, TechMarkup brings two of the most popular social networks that are no longer available, but they were pioneers in connecting people through Internet.

What Happened to MySpace, and Why It Didn’t Succeed in the Social Media Boom


Myspace was a platform born in 2003, which over the years, gained glory among the population. Eight years after the debut, the network had 33 million visitors in the United States.

From 2005 to 2008, Myspace became the most visited social network in the world because it was also one of the first. However, with the appearance of new pages and portals, its popularity dropped significantly, especially in Latin America.


Although it remained among the most visited platforms, everything changed with the presence of Facebook, created by mark zuckerberg. Such was the impact after the arrival of the new social network that platform workers went from 1,600 to just 200 in two years.

The photo blogging platform was very popular with the adolescent population; though it was available to everyone with email addresses. MySpace was based in Argentina, and this notably helped most of its users were from Latin America, as well as Hi5, which will be discussed later

In addition to photo sharing capabilities, the website had services such as private messages and font size settings, from the background and link color.


Another feature of this social network was to post an image and a list of files with the most important factors in people’s personal lives; What sports, TV shows, music and links that the user visited on a regular basis.

Another important piece of information that did not sit well with the users of the platform is that MySpace made a deal with Google, which doubled the number of ads on their site. Compared to Facebook’s stripped-down offering, MySpace’s cluttered ad design was literally an eyesore.

And what happened to Hi5, the social network that conquered Latin America

The social network founded by Ramu Yalamanchi was created in 2003 with worldwide success, accumulating more than 70 million registered users 4 years later. At its peak, the platform became one of the 40 most visited websites in the world, especially in Latin America.

However, its popularity waned until it became a completely different idea: the development of video games. In 2010, hi5 stopped being a social network and became part of the universe of social games; however, after registering almost 3 billion visits per month, the site dropped to just 46 million. Because of this, it was sold to Tagged.

So when a person presses the next linkyou will notice that the interface is no longer the same. When trying to access and recover the account, it says that the mail is no longer activated. But, you can still create a new profile.

There are five options, which are Meet me, Explore, Inbox, Play and Profile:

– On meet me it is like Tinder; profiles appear that can be accepted or rejected.

– On To explore there are several profiles, you can select one and get in touch with that person.

Play is the section of games.

Inbox are direct messages, and profile is, the user profile.

So, if at any given moment a user thought of the possibility of recovering your photos, is no longer possible.

All that remains is the memory of the years that Hi5 was used, when schoolchildren would come home from school and spend hours in front of the computer editing the profile with different options to set the background, long clothes, GIFs, among other tools.

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