What do Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lawrence have in common? The coincidence that unites the two celebrities

The movie industry is full of coincidences whether it be the simultaneous premiere of two of the most important films of the year in Spain (and in the world), such as ‘Barbenheimer’, the death of actors on the same date or even celebrities who became stars by chance. But without a doubt, one of the most common coincidences in Hollywood are the birthday, something they share Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lawrence.

The two Oscar-winning actors share the same date of birth: the August 15th. Of course, while the Californian actor born in 1972, for what turns 51, the protagonist of the comedy Without bad rollswhich was about to lead one of the most famous sagas of this century, came to the world in 1990 and celebrates 33 years.

Ben Affleck turns 51

The actor was born right in the middle of August 1972 in Berkeley, Calif., and since he began his career at just nine years old, he has participated in more than 50 movies as an actor, in addition to having directed five feature films, the last of which is the acclaimed air, focused on the creation of the legendary Michael Jordan shoes and which has taken the platforms by storm streaming.

Ben Affleck became a star in the 90s.

Affleck has won two oscars throughout his career, although none has been for playing a character: the first was achieved in 1998, when he was only 25 years old, thanks to co-writing the Lines of The unstoppable Will Hunting (1997) along with his great friend Matt Damon. He returned to the Dolby Theater stage 16 years later, in 2013, when his film Argo (2012), which produced, won the award for best film.

Jennifer Lawrence turns 33

For his part, Lawrence was born in the same date, but 18 years later, and instead of doing it on the west coast, it did it in a small town in Kentucky. Since she began her career in the cinema, she barely reached the age of majority, the actress has participated in 27 movies, and some of them are even part of the largest franchises in the industry, such as X Men either The Hunger Games, saga to which she is willing to return and which will premiere a prequel in November of this year.

Jennifer Lawrence in 'No bad vibes'
Jennifer Lawrence in ‘No bad vibes’

The actress has to her credit an Oscar Award, the one who won best actress in 2013 for The good side of things (2012), and has been nominated on three other occasions, for Winter’s Bone (2010), The great American scam (2013) and by Joy (2015). His latest project has been the comedy Without bad rolls, in which Lawrence stripped completely naked for one scene.

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