What digital tools should the companies of the future in Latin America have?

What digital tools should the companies of the future in Latin America have?

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For years Movistar Empresas has been developing digital solutions for small and large companies. These tools are available to everyone and are the guarantee for the future of business.

Currently, thousands of companies are adopting hybrid or remote work models, which were disruptive for most traditional companies after the pandemic. Although, before that fact, there were organizations that already used digital models, most of them did not know them and had to adapt their infrastructure to continue working.

To enter to support these changes, for years, Movistar Companies has made an important commitment to achieve the massification and adoption of different digital solutions, because with its implementation it is possible to have a positive impact on companies.

In fact, the tools make it possible to improve employee productivity by up to 50%, thanks to process analysis and the adoption of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. In addition to this benefit, there is also space for saving up to 30% of the resources allocated to servers and maintenance; and the availability and use of open data in industries allow them to increase their productivity while delivering greater value to customers in a simpler and more efficient way.

The same market projections indicate it. By 2023, the line of digital services is expected to grow by 12.8%, highlighting the increase in IoT (Internet of Things) by 15%, compared to the world of Cloud whose growth is estimated at 14.8%.

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To make the processes easier and contribute to your digital transformation, Movistar Empresas has developed business solutions to create more competitiveness regardless of size or industry through new developments such as the FlexWAN service.

Developed by Telefónica Tech (Telefonica’s strategic digital business unit) and Fortinet (Telefónica’s global leader in digital solutions), the service FlexWANtoday available in Colombia, Chile and Peru, offers organizations a solution to face new environments and improve the security of users who work remotely.

The tool makes it possible to simplify the way in which the network infrastructure is controlled and managed, so that, in a centralized and native way, it is possible to guarantee its security and protection.

The adoption of this service (which is the evolution of SD-WAN) consists of giving the Information Technology areas the possibility of responding immediately to possible threats that arise, reducing operational tasks and giving priority to the strategy .

Carolina Navarrete, Director of Marketing B2B Telefónica Hispanoamérica, explains that this service “combines the capabilities of Fortinet Secure SD-WAN with the managed security and cloud services of Movistar Empresas. It is an evolution on how we quickly connect the users of the organizations guaranteeing security and, of course, the reduction of costs in the areas of Information Technology”.

This innovation not only allows companies to adapt in the best way to the changes that are imminent, but also to position themselves as an essential ally in said transformation.

Rodrigo Rivera, Manager of Digital Services at Movistar Empresas highlights it. “With FlexWAN we combine the capacity of the Cloud, networking and security in a single service that allows large and small companies to better adopt these technologies.. The fact that we have launched this service with all three features (cybersecurity, networking and cloud) it makes us relevant in the commitment of these companies with a very simple and standardized service for the customer”.

The cloud, the place where all data is stored, is today one of the most important solutions offered by Movistar Empresas.  EFE/Sascha Steinbach
The cloud, the place where all data is stored, is today one of the most important solutions offered by Movistar Empresas. EFE/Sascha Steinbach

Other solutions

Every day the Internet of Things (IoT) gain territory. Its adoption, due to the same technological revolution, is greater and this is indicated by the trends.

Recently, Movistar Companies in Mexico managed to implement one million lines of Internet of Things solutions in the business segment.

The foregoing was possible thanks to exponential growth, since the company in 2019 had 38 markets covered with this technology and this year it reached 227 with LTE (wireless broadband technology designed for high-speed data transmission) that is, 83% national coverage.

Additionally, the implementation of the KITE platform, developed to manage connectivity while offering a wide set of functions such as controlling and monitoring the line park in real time and remotely from anywhere in the world, helped motivate a penetration significant in that country.

Likewise, on the Big Data front, Movistar Empresas offers a portfolio that allows clients to make decisions based on Telco data (Smart Steps – monitoring through mobile telephony cells), with use cases focused on tourism, transportation , Retail and Smart Digits, with solutions that contribute to mitigating fraud.

“With each client that joins, new challenges and opportunities appear. As Movistar Empresas, by having our own managed connectivity platform, we are able to understand and incorporate functionalities that solve the needs of our clients and that, in addition, facilitate day-to-day operations. We have the capacities, platforms and professional talent to tackle the complex projects that they demand”, explains Carolina Navarrete.

In this sense, Movistar Empresas, more than a provider of digital services, is an allied hand, as it helps to guide entrepreneurs in the services they must adopt and opens the doors to the future of corporations by contributing to their processes and granting greater profitability and competitiveness.

But although the projections regarding the adoption of technologies are positive in the region, which can translate into the improvement of processes, for Movistar experts, this adoption, beyond being a trend, is a reflection of the need to adapt to the current context in which business is carried out.

“This is not a choice, but rather a duty. Entrepreneurs have to assume that technology is here to stay and if they do not make the decision to invest in technology and transformation, business processes will be left behind and will be less competitive, putting your business at risk. It is a question of survival of the companies”, assures Rodrigo Rivera.

In that order of ideas, when technology goes at full speed marking a clear path on the new way in which business is done and it is possible to adapt, not only improve business processes that leverage the growth of companies, but also turn on the economic engines of an entire region focused on building a prosperous future.