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What data Netflix collects from our account

The data that the platform collects from users and what it uses it for.

Like many other internet platforms, Netflix collects data from its users in different ways and for various purposes. The streaming application explains all this in a section so that people have clarity on the subject.


Within all this collection work, the platform has several divisions, since part of the information is consciously delivered by the person and another is generated automatically to move the internal algorithm.

The data that Netflix collects

The first thing to evaluate is what the application takes from our personal information and how it does it, since there are many paths and it is essential that the user understands it so that he is aware of what he is delivering, because today the data is key to security.


First, there is the information that the person provides, such as name, email, payment methods, phone number and other identifiers that can be used, such as a name in a game. In some countries, an identification number is also requested and the process is carried out once the client creates an account and begins to pay, also when approaching customer service or when participating in surveys.

The data that the platform collects from users and what it uses it for.
The data that the platform collects from users and what it uses it for.

A bigger section is the data that is collected automatically. This is basically everything that has to do with the way the platform is used, the interactions, the type of content that is seen, the views or not of notifications, searches and activity in video games.


Very hand in hand with this point is the information provided by the devices, such as the network ID, the places from which the content is viewed, televisions, computers and cell phones, from which data is extracted to see the software characteristics, the connection types, IP addresses, cookies and advertising.

Then there is the one that is collected by partners, which are companies with which the user has a relationship, such as internet providers, multimedia players, mobile operators, payment platforms and more. From there, data such as search queries, email addresses, contact information, IP addresses, billing, among others, are obtained.

Finally, Netflix names other more general sources of collection such as public domains, security providers, the platform’s video game multiplayer, and payment services.

The data that the platform collects from users and what it uses it for.
The data that the platform collects from users and what it uses it for.

What is this data used for?

With the previous panorama clear, now is the time to know the implementation of this data, because on the one hand it is to “personalize our services and marketing initiatives”, but also to bring information closer to partners.

Here is a list of several of the uses it makes Netflix with user data:

– Provide personalized recommendations of movies, series and games that we think may be of interest

– Determine general geographic location

– Offer translated content

– Coordinate with partners how to get the Netflix service to members

– Secure systems, prevent fraud and protect account security

– Analyze and understand the audience, optimize content selection and recommendation algorithms

– Communicate with the user to offer news, notifications, requests, text messages

Within all this, the streaming application makes it clear that the data can be shared with third parties or its own platforms. For example, customer service providers, agencies, marketing services, communications, among others.

As well as with the company’s partners, such as voice assistants or payment and sales platforms.

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