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What cell phones run out of WhatsApp on December 31

WhatsApp will stop working on December 31 on these cell phones.  (photo: PQS)
WhatsApp will stop working on December 31 on these cell phones. (photo: PQS)

WhatsApp will stop working on a long list of cell phones starting next December 31, after the service changed its privacy policy to introduce some minor tweaks to support different versions of the operating system.

WhatsApp is one of the messaging apps used, so it is always useful to know which models of mobile phones they are too outdated to use.

But, the vast majority of users can rest easy, since WhatsApp will continue to work in the smart phones that have been purchased in recent years; and if so, the consumer should not have any problem.


However, as will be detailed below, some models have become too outdated to function properly, and WhatsApp has decided to stop supporting them as of December 2022.

On which smartphones will WhatsApp stop working?


On the WhatsApp support site, the messaging application will stop working on mobile phones Android with operating system prior to 4.1. This means that to use WhatsApp, you must have Android version 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher.

Android version 4.1 was released in 2012, so any Android purchased in the last 6-8 years can continue to support WhatsApp next year without issue. And it is that, this is such an old version of Android that the cell phone has to be a true relic to have a previous version.

WhatsApp will also stop working in the iphone that have versions installed prior to iOS 12.

An Apple and Android smartphone, respectively.  (photo: Androidphoria)
An Apple and Android smartphone, respectively. (photo: Androidphoria)

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Complete list of cell phones on which WhatsApp will stop working


-Samsung Galaxy Core

-Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite

-Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

– Samsung Galaxy s3 Mini

-Samsung Galaxy Trend II

-Samsung Galaxy X cover 2


-LG Optimus L3 II Dual

– LG Optimus L5 II

-LG Optimus F5

– LG Optimus L3 II

-LG Optimus L7II

-LG Optimus L5 Dual

-LG Optimus L7 Dual

-LG Optimus F3

-LG Optimus F3Q

-LG Optimus L2 II

– LG Optimus L4 II

-LG Optimus F6

– LG EnactLG Lucid 2

– LG Optimus F7


-Huawei Ascend Mate

-Huawei Ascend G740

-Huawei Ascend D2

Huawei Ascend Mate
Huawei Ascend Mate


– Iphone 5s

– Iphone 6

– iPhone 6 Plus


– ZTE V956 – UMI X2

– ZTE Grand S Flex

-ZTE GrandMemo

Other brands

-Sony Xperia M

-Lenovo A820

– Faea F1THL W8

-Wiko Cink Five

-Winko Darknight

– Archos 53 Platinum

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Have a backup in case you change the cell phone

In case the cell phone is in the previous list, it is best to make a backup to backup the information and not lose the chats or contacts that have not been saved. To do it this is the process:

1. Open WhatsApp.

2. Go to Settings.

4. Open the option chat.

4. Then select the option of the Backup.

5. Click on Make copy now.

6. Wait for the process to take place, which can take 30 minutes or so.

7. The backup will begin to upload to the account Drive associated with Google in case you have a android device or, if you have a iphonea iCloud.

Backup on WhatsApp.  (photo: Mag El Comercio)
Backup on WhatsApp. (photo: Mag El Comercio)

With that, the data will be saved in the cloud and when you open a session on the new phone, all the information will be recovered, since accessing the account will automatically download the chats from the last backup made.

Something that must be highlighted and clarified is that, if the TechMarkup reader is a user of any of the listed devices, they will be able to continue using WhatsApp.

However, you will begin to experience some failures and you will not be able to enjoy the news that the platform adds, so the recommendation is to replace the equipment with one with a more current operating system.

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