What can be done with the USB port of the Wifi router

What can be done with the USB port of the Wifi router
What is the USB port on the router for?
What is the USB port on the router for?

Since routers exist to distribute the Wi-Fi signal through houses and buildings, they have been preferred for the internet but, at the same time, ignored by people, except when the service fails and “everyone runs” to turn it on and off so that it returns the net.

However, among all the ports that these devices have on the back, most of them to make ethernet connections, there is one that could be very useful in some cases, especially in emergencies, which is the USB port and most people do not they know it exists.

These are some of the uses that could be given to the USB port of the routers, it should be clarified that there are models that do not incorporate this function.

charge other devices

In some cases, devices such as cell phones or wireless headphones can be connected to computers so that they can be charged without the need to plug them into the mains. Well, the USB port of the internet router could fulfill the same function of generating energy.

This is a very useful tool when all the power outlets somewhere are occupied, the only drawback is that it works very well on small devices and that they do not need so much battery, since the loading times could become slow.

Connect cooling devices

Normally, where the router is connected, there are also other elements that need current, causing high temperatures to be maintained in the space, which can damage the devices that are nearby and connected, including the router.

Taking advantage of the USB port of the “device that distributes the internet” around the house to connect a type of refrigerant such as a fan, could help balance the temperatures in that areathus taking care of the surrounding appliances and smart devices that share a plug with the router.

Connect printers to the network

Currently, the printers that are sold in the market offer connectivity to the cloud, but if you have at home a slightly older version of those that do not allow you to send or receive files over the internet, it could be adapted this function by connecting it to the router’s USB port.

As soon as the printer is connected to the network, it will begin to be identified by the rest of the nearby smart devices, such as cell phones, tablets or computers.

Connect 4G modems

Portable 4G modems are a thing of the past, and it is very rare to find someone making use of these when Wi-Fi is now available in many places such as airports, hotels, and restaurants.

However, if you still have one of these devices at home, it could be connected to the router when your home internet service goes out, thus getting you out of trouble at a time when connectivity is considered by many to be a basic necessity.

Share files over the network

Although it is incredible, through the USB ports you can share files over the network. This is done through the router settings that are usually accessed through the mobile application of internet providers.

It is practically the same procedure that is usually done when importing information to the computer from an external memory, however, it is good to know this option in case the computer ever fails.