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What are the worst habits that damage the cell phone battery and what should be done to take care of it

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There are some behaviors of use of people with their smartphones that inadvertently reduce the useful life of the batteries and finally, the cell phone does not last long.


For this reason, we bring these cases that should not be done because they reduce the useful life of the mobile.

Let the phone charge from 1 to 100%:

Doing this could affect the battery of the cell phone, many users might think that it is ideal to let the device finish its charge at 0% and then charge it to 100%. however, this causes the reduction of its useful life, it is recommended to put it on charge at 20% and disconnect it when it is at 80%.


In addition, when the phone is allowed to fully discharge or go below 10%, it induces a deep discharge that rapidly deteriorates the smartphone’s battery.

Use non-original cables

Using cables that are not the original ones of the device could cause variations in the current, which negatively affects the phone’s battery, in addition to cables that are not of good quality could damage the charging ports.


Many of the news about phones that explode are related to proper chargers that are not the factory ones of the cell phone

Leave the phone charging overnight or for several hours

The cell phone battery is made of lithium ions that can be damaged if the device is left charging for a long time, because when the phone reaches 100%, it goes down to 99% and goes back up to 100%, this cycle for hours will seriously damage the cell phone battery.

reheat phone

Using too many apps at once, leaving them open, or playing heavy games will quickly overheat your battery, reducing battery life. Some people, when they notice that the phone feels too hot to the touch, choose to put it on very cold surfaces or put it in the fridge, which is also very detrimental to the device.

Charge the cell phone for several intervals during the day


Charge the cell phone for 10 minutes and after a few hours reconnect it, it will reduce the battery life of the smartphone. It is recommended that in the cases of people who, for work or personal reasons, need to use the phone for a long time a day, they acquire a cell phone with an ultra-thin battery and a capacity of 4,000 mAh.

Tips to take care of cell phone battery:

Many times phones have battery failures not only due to misuse but also due to software-related issues. In this case, the tips that TechMarkup has compiled for cell phone care are related to the operating system:

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