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What are the news coming to Fitness + for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

Fitness+ on Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone. (photo: Apple)

today and with iOS 16.1the most recent update of the operating system of iPhone, Fitness+ no longer requires a Apple Watch to use it.


This is one of the great novelties that arrives at the entertainment service of Manzana, opening the door to many users who until now have been limited. But this is not the only novelty.

Launched in USA and other countries a few years ago, Fitness+, which has been available in Mexico since last November, is open to most iPhone users. And more importantly, although Apple removed the requirement to wear an Apple Watch, registration with an iPhone is still required, although the service can be accessed from a AppleTV either iPad.


And it is the iPhone that replaces the Apple Watch. Apple uses the new ring of unified Fitness+ that comes with iOS 16 for exercise statistics, including a health profile that must be filled out when a user first signs up for the appincluding weight, height and age, make calculations of (approximate) caloric expenditure, etc.

Sure, it’s not as detailed and precise as wearing an Apple Watch, but it certainly removes a critical barrier, opening the door to Apple’s high-quality workouts for anyone looking to get in shape or just work out. The good news is that it does not limit any exercise.


Fitness+ launches new exercise routines and more news

Even if whoever is reading this article does not use an Apple Watch, the great catalog of Apple Fitness+ workouts is available to all users, from HIIT classes to the new collection Yoga for Runners, which also arrives today.

This is a new training program aimed at runners who also want to practice yoga. The program was created by one of the most famous ultramarathoners, scott jurek.

The idea is to create a synergy between both practices so that doing yoga directly benefits runners, including specific exercises that improve posture, improve recovery or simply warm up.

Fitness+. (photo: Apple)
Fitness+. (photo: Apple)

Another great novelty of Fitness+ is the addition of a very special artist to the Artists in Detail section: Taylor Swift. The singer joins the Fintess roster of artists, including her new album Midnights, due out October 21.

In addition to core training, cycling, dance, HIIT, Pilates, rowing, strength, treadmill, and yoga tracks, there are also dedicated playlists for users who want to listen to them outside of training, as usual, on Apple Music.

All new Fintess content is available today with the iOS 16.1 update, including new workouts, new Time to Walk/Run sessions, and workouts set to music by Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift on Fitness+. (photo: Apple)
Taylor Swift on Fitness+. (photo: Apple)

These are the new features of iOS 16.1

– Live activity tracking on the lock screen.

– Battery percentage for iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini.

– New battery indicator.

– Compatibility with Matter, new home automation standard.

– More customization options for wallpapers.

– Great improvement in the autonomy of the devices.

These are the new features of iPadOS 16.1

– Many great new features in Messages.

– News in Mail.

– Shared iCloud Photo Library.

– Shared tab groups on Safari.

– New Visual Organizer, also known as Stage Manager.

– Full compatibility with external monitors.

– Access keys in Safari.

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