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What are the new jobs brought by the digital transformation in the world

Work team.  (Photo: iStock)
Work team. (Photo: iStock)

The transformation digital has led to the creation of many new jobs in the framework of current consumer trends, finding in the technology a tool in your favor to create a better user experience either on the portal, when making a purchase or requesting information and/or product support.

In this order of ideas, the first two profiles that appear in the searches are Director of Communications and Director of Technology, who lead the entire technological transformation in the organization, and the people around them are the new leaders trained to accompany digital projects.

However, it is important to note that leadership skills and a good understanding of remote work they are essential when undertaking important projects that generate drastic changes within an organization.

New jobs in the digital age.  (photo: European University)
New jobs in the digital age. (photo: European University)

Likewise, according to Luis Hurtado from Talentop, with these transformations, many other posts that are very interesting incorporations for an organization, set trends for the future and are directly related to topics such as:

– Customer experience: an increasing tendency of users to obtain support or relevant information allows them to make the right decision about a good or service, which is a good experience, easy to navigate, the ability to see product reviews directly affects the user.

– Cybersecurity: Considering that the information that companies process is increasing and that they have sensitive information about their clients and users, this information must be protected and prevent it from being processed for erroneous reasons without permission.

Cybersecurity.  (photo: KPMG Press)
Cybersecurity. (photo: KPMG Press)

– Business Intelligence: organizations have more and more customer data and can configure different strategies and campaigns to reach different users and end up selling, this requires a powerful analysis component and the use of very specific technological programs to collect this tool and then be able to forward them to the area marketing so you can reach end users.

– Developers: They are today one of the most demanded profiles in the market, around 70% of technology processes correspond to these profiles in their different programming languages, both back and front end.

– Software Architecture: Profile of the designer of the entire technological environment based on the company’s strategy, closely supervising the engineering and development teams. Today, they hold a second-level position or higher in a medium-sized company.

Software architect.  (photo: Abiztar)
Software architect. (photo: Abiztar)

It is important to note that technology is an industry that continues to boom in Latin America and it is in the sights of multinationals due to its geographical location, time zone and the good talent that exists in each country.

Furthermore, regardless of the outcome of the election, this is an industry that benefits international investors every time the exchange rate rises, since their costs are measured in dollars and they can make more active offers to the people involved in the process.

In the end, the negotiations and those of the client are left out. Also, there is a strong retention strategy and the creation of banks or pools of talent in the medium term that allow people to prosper with postgraduate courses and courses adapted to today’s digital needs.

In these situations, the profiles of middle and senior management must meet the same requirements, the 70% will depend on the technical skills have the person and field experience opposite; and the 30% will depend on the soft skills.

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