Home Tech News What are the most streamed songs on YouTube Music this year?

What are the most streamed songs on YouTube Music this year?

What are the most streamed songs on YouTube Music this year?
YouTube Music Recap 2022. (YouTube)

At the gates of the last month of the year, applications such as Spotify Y Apple Music present users with a count of the music they listened to the most during the year as a wrapped Y Replay respectively.

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Similarly, the platform Youtube music it also has a feature that summarizes people’s last year in regards to their preferences musicals during the year 2022 called “YouTube Music Recap 2022″, which was released within the app and is available for people to listen to as a playlist.

“As we close out another year discovering new music and listening to classic hits again, we return to celebrate the songs that were the soundtrack of your year”, indicates the website of the blog of Youtube.

YouTube Music has launched its Recap 2022 in which the songs most listened to by users of the platform during the year are summarized

In addition, according to what can be seen in the promotional video of the function of Youtubethe recapitulation of the Year includes personalized statistics on the songs that were listened to the most during the year, those that define a certain “musical personality” and which were the new artists that users discovered in the last 12 months.

The second YouTube Music Recap has new features

According to Web page official YouTube, the experience of the second edition of the recap It has specifications that make it more “immersive” as mentioned in the launch statement. The statistics They have a greater utility because they are part of a profile that is assembled in a different way. personalized for each user.

Trends main: The page of the Recap of Youtube music In your app you will show the artist that users discovered “before anyone else”.

Identity: An outstanding detail is the inclusion of a personal profile for each person who uses the platform Youtube Music, which is generated based on the type of song played during the year as well as other habits consumption of the application.

This is not the only characteristic to highlight from the review of Youtube music for the music that was heard on his platform. This compilation of songs It is also available in the regular YouTube application, from which this summary can be accessed but with the difference that it is presented as a playlist of the most listened to songs together with the videos most viewed musicals of each one even if they are unofficial.

YouTube Music Recap 2022 (Capture)
YouTube Music Recap 2022 (Capture)

In both cases, to access this annual summary of the music that was heard during the year 2022, users must enter the mobile applications of Youtube or YouTube Music. The Recap 2022 will not show from version Webalthough the playlist can be reviewed once generated on the platform to smartphones.

Users must press the special banner of the Youtube Music Recap 2022 and after reviewing its contentsthis can be shared on social networks just like you do Spotify with his own version of abstract annual.

Integration with Google Photos

Another new feature of the recap is the ability of YouTube Music to access the file of google photos and generate cards that can be shared on social networks in which the user’s favorite songs are highlighted in each season of the year along with Photographs that were stored in the service of Google.

According to Web page in which the official announcement was made, this feature is intended to unify the music favorite and the memories that could be related to it.

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