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What are the best smartwatches? Comparison 2021

best smartwatches

Connected watches have become a trendy tech product that can be found on the wrist of many users who want to benefit from monitoring their activities, their workouts and their health. If Apple remains the leader in this market with the popular Apple Watch, the competition is increasingly convincing with its smartwatches.

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

As complete for sport as it is for connected functions

If you have an Android smartphone, are looking for a top-of-the-range connected watch that is both elegant and complete in its utility and sports functions, and that recharging it every 48 hours is not a problem for you, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is for you.

Samsung galaxy watch 3 at the best price

Amazon € 309 See the offer

The high-end Samsung connected watch

Samsung is further improving its formula to offer a connected watch that is both very elegant and very complete in its features. The rotating ring for navigating the interface really makes the difference. The flawless was not far, but the autonomy is a bit tight, especially for a high-end smartwatch.

2.Apple Watch Series 7

The queen of connected watches


IPhone owners will have every interest in turning to the Apple Watch from the outset, a connected watch designed and designed around the brand’s flagship smartphone. For this latest edition, the manufacturer does not offer “revolution” but a slightly larger screen of 1 mm, for two sizes of 41 and 45 mm instead of the 40 and 44 mm seen on the previous models.

This new screen, with very thin borders for a case with identical dimensions, offers a much larger display surface on the wrist and makes it even easier to navigate the different interfaces with larger buttons and comfort of use. improved reading.


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Apple Watch Series 7 at the best price

Amazon € 429 See the offer
Amazon € 429 See the offer
Amazon € 429 See the offer
Baker € 429 See the offer
Baker € 429 See the offer

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A connected watch rich in applications

For the rest, Apple has not changed a formula that works and offers the same health sensors, namely a heart rate monitor and an oximeter, as well as an ECG, integrated into the digital crown or the automatic detection of falls. The Apple Watch Series 7 can also analyze other data such as sleep quality and breathing during the night and offers the tracking of dozens of sports activities.

This new smartwatch is very powerful, fast and fluid in all situations and has only one real flaw: its autonomy, still blocked for one day. Apple has nevertheless worked on the rapid charging of its device, which allows you to go from 0 to 80% battery in 45 minutes with an adapter of at least 20W.

3. OPPO Watch

A Wears OS connected watch inspired by the Apple Watch


If you are looking for a connected watch compatible with your Android smartphone and the rectangular format of the Apple Watch catches your eye, the Oppo Watch is a good choice.

Oppo watch at the best price

Amazon € 279 See the offer

A design connected watch

Its premium design, its superb screen, its ultra-fast recharging and the many Wear OS applications are all assets that seduced us on this Oppo Watch. Too bad that Wear OS still encounters some bugs and that the autonomy is, once is not customary on smartwatches, too limited.


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4. Huawei Watch GT2 Pro

LiteOS might not be for everyone

The Huawei Watch GT2 Pro is for those looking for a connected watch with exemplary finishes, with a superb AMOLED screen and XXL battery life of up to 14 days. On the other hand, its OS is far from being the most complete on the market.

Huawei Watch GT2 Pro at the best price

Fnac marketplace € 159.99 See the offer
Fnac marketplace € 169 See the offer
Darty marketplace € 179.99 See the offer
Cdiscount marketplace € 186.99 See the offer
Cdiscount marketplace € 186.99 See the offer

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A smartwatch with an excellent quality/price ratio

For half the price of the most expensive smartwatch on the market, the Huawei Watch GT2 Pro offers a premium design. It is also one of its rare smartwatches that can last a full week without having to be recharged. We are therefore very far from the 1 to 2 days of autonomy of certain competitors.


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5. OnePlus Watch

A cheap connected watch with autonomy

The OnePlus Watch is for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on a connected watch, but want a product with enormous battery life and basic features like managing notifications or measuring their daily physical activity.

OnePlus Watch at the best price

Amazon € 113.51 See the offer
Cdiscount € 129 See the offer
Darty marketplace € 139.99 See the offer
Darty marketplace € 139.99 See the offer
Amazon € 159 See the offer

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A limited app store

For its first watch, the OnePlus is not lacking in daring by offering a smartwatch with two weeks of battery life, a neat design, a beautiful screen and premium features such as the heart rate monitor and SpO2. Too bad the number of applications available on the “Smart Wear” interface is so limited.

6. Apple Watch SE

A “cheap” Apple Watch

If you have an iPhone and want to get your first smartwatch or replace an aging model, the Apple Watch SE is the ideal model.

Apple Watch SE at the best price

Fnac marketplace € 269.97 See the offer
Amazon € 305.97 See the offer
Rue Du Commerce marketplace € 329 See the offer
Rue Du Commerce marketplace € 489.08 See the offer

She has everything from a great

The Californian brand offers this smartwatch exemplary finishes, essential functions, all with the most successful connected watch OS on the market, with more than 20,000 applications. Without a doubt, the Apple Watch with the best value for money on the market.

Connected watch: the answers to all your questions

How to choose your connected watch?

It is not easy to choose a smartwatch these days as the references multiply, as well as the functionalities. You must first know the use of your watch: sporty, utility, a sweet mix of the two? Operating system, budget are the main questions to ask yourself before turning to your precious.

Which operating system to choose between iOS and Android?

The choice of a connected watch will depend not only on its OS but also on that of your smartphone. Since they often work as a couple, it is preferable to use the same ecosystem (iOS or Android) between their tocante and their phone. Obviously, it is possible to dissociate the two but this leads to depriving yourself of certain features or optimizations of your gadgets. Finally, there is an interesting offer outside of the two giants, Apple and Google. Tizen (Samsung) and Lite OS (Huawei) are proof that proprietary OS can do the trick.

What features do you need?

How will you use a connected watch? This question must be answered before the act of purchase. Depending on whether you are sporty or addicted to applications and notifications, the ideal model will not be the same. And since there is a plethora of connected watches, some are more suited to your uses than others.

How big is your wrist?

While most connected watches use a standard format for their bracelet (18/20/22 mm), common to the traditional watch market, this is not the case for all models. Some smartwatches use the wristband to insert components, such as GPS. Also, before buying, check that it will be possible for you to change your bracelet easily.

Do you need a waterproof watch?

In watches, we do not always speak of water resistance (IP rating) but real water resistance. When a watch is waterproof, it bears the word ATM, preceded by a number 3, 5 or 10. These three values ​​correspond to the depth to which the watch can be submerged (30, 50 or 100 meters). If your tocante only displays an IP value, just shower or swim in the pool.

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