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What are the best POCO smartphones? Comparison 2021

best POCO smartphones 2021

Launched in 2018 as a sub-brand of Xiaomi, POCO is today an independent company. It markets entry and mid-range smartphones which have the particularity of offering excellent value for money. In a short time, the Chinese manufacturer has made a name for itself among consumers who are looking for accessible phones without making a big compromise on the features offered. Here is our selection of the best POCO smartphones of the moment.


A simply impressive POCO F3

From design to screen, performance and battery life, this POCO F3 has almost everything going for it. Only the secondary photo sensors impressed us less. Not enough to weaken our enthusiasm as it is very difficult to do better for less than 300 euros.

A smartphone that marks POCO’s ambitions

The POCO F3 is, at the time of this writing, the most expensive of the brand. Although it’s mid-range, it doesn’t have much to envy of much more expensive models. With this model, POCO shows its ambition: to offer the best possible experience while keeping prices as low as possible. A bet which for the moment has been won hands down.

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Xiaomi Poco F3 at the best price

Amazon € 297.94 See the offer
Fnac € 341.79 See the offer
Darty marketplace 342 € See the offer
Baker € 399 See the offer
Cdiscount € 399 See the offer

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A POCO X3 PRO that sends heavy …

In every sense of the term. The POCO X3 Pro is as powerful as it is imposing and heavy when in hand. It will be perfect for those looking for a smartphone with a large 120 Hz screen and enough raw power to run all the games in the Play Store with ease.

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Inevitable compromises

Incorporating such a powerful processor into a mid-range smartphone does not come without compromise. Thus, it is on the side of the photo module and autonomy that the faults of the POCO X3 Pro are to be found. Concessions that some will easily make with regard to the other qualities of the telephone.

Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro at the best price

Amazon € 215.94 See the offer
Fnac 225 € See the offer
Darty marketplace € 271 See the offer


The entry level bombs the chest

The POCO X3 NFC proves once again that it is possible to offer new features for less than 200 euros. This is for example the case of the 120 Hz screen, very rare in this price range. The very solid battery life is also an added bonus for those who use their smartphone intensively.


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A POCO X3 NFC on the wire

We didn’t expect as much from POCO’s entry-level smartphone. But it is true that this X3 NFC model convinced us with its ability to offer “just what it takes” to achieve a compelling user experience despite its tight price. POCO once again offers one of the best value for money in its class.

Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC at the best price

Cdiscount marketplace € 129 See the offer
Amazon € 139.90 See the offer
Darty marketplace € 216.99 See the offer
Fnac marketplace € 219.90 See the offer

POCO M4 Pro 5G

POCO makes 5G even more accessible

For every type of user, there is a POCO smartphone. This is the message the brand wants to convey with this POCO M4 Pro which is the manufacturer’s most affordable 5G phone. However, he does not forget to offer a very balanced technical sheet given the price at which it is offered.

In search of performance-price ratio

The compatibility of the POCO M4 Pro with the new mobile network at a cost that the Chinese brand charges by slightly revising certain technical characteristics down, without this detracting from the user experience. Thus, we are easily satisfied with a screen with a refresh rate of 90 Hz and a recharge of “only” 33W.

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POCO M4 Pro 5G at the best price

Cdiscount € 269 See the offer


The most accessible of POCO smartphones

Without trying to impress, the POCO M3 goes straight to the point by offering XXL autonomy, a jack, dual SIM + microSD support as well as an original design. Screen, camera and performance are all about minimum service.

Even the best have limits

POCO may be a past master in the art of value for money, it’s hard not to make big concessions by selling a smartphone for just over 100 euros. It is logically the technical sheet of the POCO M3 that pays the price, while remaining recommendable for the most modest budgets.


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Xiaomi Poco M3 at the best price

Fnac marketplace € 248.99 See the offer
Darty marketplace € 249 See the offer

POCO smartphone: the answers to all your questions

Tight or very tight budget?

It has not escaped your notice, all POCO smartphones are affordable. The manufacturer offers mobiles ranging from € 100 to € 300. The higher you go in the POCO range, the less you will make concessions, whether in terms of screen, camera or performance.

Do they all allow you to play comfortably?

POCO is known to offer products with an excellent price-performance ratio. This is true for most of the brand’s models, but the less expensive of them still show their limit in some games. We particularly recommend the Poco X3 Pro or the Poco F3 if you play a lot on your phone.

Can we buy them for even less?

In view of the already very low prices, you may be surprised to learn that it is possible to earn even a few tens of euros on POCO smartphones. The first “classic” way is to wait a few months after the marketing of the model you want, or just before the release of its successor. If you can’t wait, we recommend that you keep a close eye on POCO smartphone news on TechMarkup. Indeed, the brand always offers very interesting introductory offers by lowering the price of its new models for a few days.

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