What are the best mobile games in the Google Play Store

What are the best mobile games in the Google Play Store

Google Play Store has published the games what are trends and what are they totally free for android phones and tablets.

They can all be downloaded for free from Google Play, so you don’t need to download the APKs of any of the games to have it.

The majority of them they are games without ads, although some include micropayments.

Finally, all the games on this list They also don’t require a connection to play. Now yes, the top 5 of the best Android games in April 2022:

1. Wood Block Puzzle – Block Games

Wood Block Puzzle a classic wood style block puzzle game. Qblock (its other name) challenges you to place blocks of different shapes on a 10×10 grid. It is a true classic game, with no time limit and totally eliminated.

Is a block puzzle game similar to Tetriswith a woody style.

It is a great game to kill time and it also helps to train the brain. Cubic block puzzle game is unlimited style, you can play as long as you want without being interrupted.

Lastly, there are many types of block shapes; T-shaped, L-shaped, J-shaped, square-shaped, among others.

2. Moon Blast

From creators of Toy Blast The ultimate puzzle game is coming with brand new gameplay and endless fun.

Users can enter the crazy world of cartoons starring Cooper Cat, Wally Wolf, Bruno Bear and enjoy lots of challenging levels.

Cubes can be exploded and create powerful combos to pass the levels. The object of the game is Solve puzzles to help the Toon gang complete all the levels as they travel through magical worlds.

3.Angry Birds Journey

The classic game that went viral in 2009.

The objective is sling birds and knock down towers to solve puzzles and rescue ‘Hatchlings’.

Also, the idea is to unite the fireflies with their soul mates and solve many other dynamic puzzles.

4. Solitaire card games

To solve this Solitaire Card Games, you have to move all the 4-suited solitaire cards: hearts, diamonds, spades and crosses. There is a deck: 52 solitaire cards in the classic game.

What you have to do is stack solitaire cards by suit, from Aces to King (A, 2, 3 and more). You can also move solitaire cards between columns and stack solitaire cards in descending order and differentiate between red and black suits.

For example: a black 10 can only be followed by a black 9. Only one king can be placed on the free column. You can move the stack of cards by dragging the entire stack to another column.

5. Puzzle – puzzle

Puzzle – puzzle is an easy game to play with more than 13,000 images in HD. No points, no tricks and no missing pieces, you just have to spend hours and hours putting together puzzles to calm down and relax.

Created by game experts and played by millions of puzzle lovers around the world, Jigsaw Puzzles help exercise short-term memory and concentration.