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What are super realistic digital humans and what is their function

With the advancement of computer graphics and artificial intelligence, more and more platforms began to emerge that offer the possibility of generating digital humans.


Are avatars super realistic, artificially created, capable of gesturing, maintaining eye contact and even reacting emulating a kind of empathy with the environment.

The result is a digital figure that from the screen of a computer welcome a user, offer tutorials, provide technical support, offer talks, classes or whatever is needed. The following video demonstrates various use cases for digital humans ranging from mortgage specialists to skin care.

how are the digital humans created by Soul Machine

Your avatars are a combination of digitally created characters with realistic aesthetics and a self-contained animation engine AI-based to mimic human behaviors and emotions. The core technology of this product is a digital brain that was developed from research in cognitive science.

There is another company that makes similar products. On their site they clarify that All of these avatars are based on video footage of real actors. Then those clips go through an artificial intelligence system that allows them to create new clips with the variations that are necessary according to the purpose of the work.


These “synthetic humans” can be used to generate educational videos, awareness, or for any form of corporate communication. The characters developed by the company are shown on the official site and the user is also offered the possibility of generating their own digital version, if they so wish.. It is possible to customize the character to have the personal aesthetic, and also to speak multiple languages.

And they make an interesting clarification: “we ask all our users to keep the scripts professional and business related. Political, sexual, personal, criminal and discriminatory content is not tolerated or condoned.”

In line with this type of development, we can mention the case of Hour One, another startup that creates synthetic characters based on real humans.


In this case, videos of real people are also taken to later generate a virtual twin that will be the protagonist of the video that the user wants. In a few minutes, a personalized clip can be obtained in which the virtual character will say the text indicated by the user.

These developments are reminiscent of the initiative that Samsung’s Star Lab presented at the CES technology fair in 2020. It is Neon, humanized versions created by artificial intelligence, capable of showing empathy and expressing emotions. A project that was not heard of after that time but that is one more indicator of an industry that is growing.

How to create a digital human

There is a platform, with free access, that allows you to produce a digital avatar with very realistic human features. This is MetaHuman Creator, an Epic Games program that launched last year. The tool, which is cloud-based, can be accessed by clicking here.

The interface is friendly and the system is very easy to use. It is not necessary to have advanced knowledge in technology to use the platform. At the beginning you will see several models of avatars. You choose one and start customizing the different aspects on the screen: hair, eyes, mouth, eyebrows, etc. As an option is chosen, the changes made will be seen on the screen.

Yes indeed, it is not possible to generate a personalized video from there as in the previous cases, but simply develop a virtual character from the models that are seen on the portall. Then the user can use those generated avatars in the projects they have in Unreal Engine, a tool widely used by video game developers since it allows them to create simulations, animations and edit videos, among other alternatives.

For the rest of the users who do not have an account on that platform, it only works as an option to give free rein to the imagination and generate a hyper-realistic avatar.


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