What are nests in Pokemon Go and how to recognize them

What are Pokemon Go nests
What are Pokemon Go nests

A way to get the most out of the Pokemon Go in-game experience and complete the pokedex It is with the nests, however, not everyone is so aware of what they are, what they are for or how they are obtained, for this reason, TechMarkup explains everything you need to know about it and thus significantly improve the Niantic video game experience.

These nests in Pokemon Go are perfect for finding some of the most sought-after species and improve the pokémon that have already been caught before, but They are also meeting places for coaches where raids and outdoor games are held. So this game is very interesting for many of the users.

For clarity, Pokemon Go nests are areas in cities, usually parks and squares, where a large number of a specific pokemon species appear with some frequency, this phenomenon usually occurs at certain times of the day but the same ones will not always be found, since these species change places every two weeks, although sometimes there are exceptions and these changes within the city take place sooner or take longer. so players should keep an eye on these sites if they want to catch a new “fantasy beast”.

In any case, the most experienced trainers know to be aware of these changes in the nests, and it is that these migrations of species between the different locations of the cities are carried out by the developers of the game so that all its users have the same possibilities of accessing to the pokémon they need no matter where they are or live. Something that is very useful especially in large cities and that are not few in Latin America.

It is worth mentioning that these nests are normally altered during special dates such as community day or Pokemon spawn for events, reducing the appearance of some pokemon or increasing that of others depending on the type and the reason for the occasion. .

Some may wonder, then, what are these nests for apart from being places where specimens of a certain species abound, since sometimes you need a pokemon of that type, but you can also get candy and go for the Shiny that can be obtained according to the number of hunts.

In addition, many Internet users realize how interesting it is to go to these nests to get more pokemon and evolve the ones you already have with candies, it should be clarified that to make a correct selection it is recommended to check your IV, which is the numerical value that It ranges from 0 to 31 for each of the Pokémon’s six attributes.

How to identify nests in Pokemon Go

It could be said that the most obvious way to recognize a nest in Pokemon Go is when you are in a specific area and the player repeatedly encounters the same species. Usually, As a token of kindness, users report the nests they have found so that other people can also take advantage of them. However, this phenomenon of finding several Pokémon of the same type can also be due to a community day, although this is notified in advance in the game.

In any case, the best way to keep abreast of these nests is through websites, forums or telegram channels where reports are made, some of which are even very detailed, reporting calculated migration times and dates.