“What a shame”: Lupillo Rivera exploded at the insinuations of favoritism towards Karina Reyes

Lupillo Rivera annoyed by the comments about Karina Reyes and him (Photos: Getty Images, Ig/@karinaelireyes)

The Challenger is a new reality show that premiered its second season on August 14, 2022 and in which they are as judges India Yuridia, Alicia Villarreal, Fonseca and the bull of the corrido, Lupillo Rivera.

This program is broadcast on Univision and there the best talents of music, singing, dancing and imitation are shown; however, in the short time that the program is going, Lupillo has already been involved in a controversy with the participant Karina Reyes.

It all started because last weekend one of the contestants named Dulce went through a disconcerting moment, since there was a preference for Karina and for that reason she decided to leave the program.

Also the singer Cuddly He also hinted at Lupillo Rivera’s alleged “favoritism” and said: “If it’s a matter of qualifying beauty or having pomp or whatever, they would have told me to come in another way”.

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The controversy finished exploding when in the show program Long live Lavi, of multimediathis topic was discussed, because they were the ones who revealed that Dulce complained to the judges upset and said that “what was he trying to do if they were going to choose Karina”.

To this, the brother of Jenni Rivera commented on the shared video on Twitter and expressed his annoyance at this situation, as well as saying that he was ashamed of the “dial program” for putting women down.

What a shame of dial programHow you yourselves underestimate women who have a dream and one just wanting to contribute and achieve that dream. Karina has her own talent and she doesn’t have to hang out with anyone to achieve it, but you are always inventing things of this type for your own benefit and that of the artists who have a career and do not know how to lose, I think it is a personal problem for them”.

And it is that in addition to the supposed “favoritism”, it was insinuated that the bull of the corrido He felt something else for the participant, because even Consuelo Duval herself, who is the host of the reality show, mentioned that she was in love with Karina.

Come on, the man is in love, how not. Karina won me the cake, no way”, said Duval, to which Rivera bluntly replied that that had nothing to do with it and that he had not voted for her for that.

“Let’s clarify, it has nothing to do with the fact that there may be something between the two of us because I vote for her,” he emphasized.

Similarly, in the entertainment program of multimedia It was said that perhaps Lupillo would have noticed her because of the “resemblance” with his ex-girlfriend Belindawhich would be unusual, since Lupillo is already in a love relationship and also gave Nodal advice to overcome the singer.

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And it’s during the show Pinky Promisethe Mexican regional singer was asked about what advice he would give the young man from Sonora to overcome his breakup, but at first he refused to answer: “What the fuck am I going to say about the vato?”he expressed.

However, he later agreed to give his advice, saying: “I think that the best therapy that we have the artists, that we have the singers, that we have the composers, it is dedicate ourselves to our talentdedicate ourselves to that and that’s where you let off steam, that’s where you you cry alone, that’s where you compose and that is where you take out all the sadness that you bring inside you and that nobody sees you.

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