What a businessman!: Luisito Comunica announced the arrival of his clothing line at a department store

The Mexican youtuber continues to explore his facet as an entrepreneur now with his clothing line.

With more than 39 million subscribers on his channel Youtube, Luisito Comunica has established himself as one of the most influential internet personalities not only from Mexico but from Latin America.

However, the youtuber originally from Puebla has not limited his creativity and has shown andhe undeniable talent that he has developed exploring his facet as an entrepreneur; Proof of this are the three restaurants of which he is a partner in Mexico City, his own tequila and clothing brands, an international fast food chain, and even his own telephone company!

Although Luisito Comunica has been in the business world for several years, last Tuesday afternoon he surprised his followers with the news that your clothing line pigeon king will now be available in a department store which has a presence in almost all the states of the Mexican Republic.

King Palomo arrives in Liverpool

The clothing brand of the famous Mexican youtuber will now be available in department stores (Photo: Instagram / @luisitocomunica)

As usual, the announcement of the arrival of pigeon king a Liverpool It happened through social media of the Mexican youtuber.

Went through a couple stories of Instagram that Luisillo the Rascalas he is also known, shared the emotion generated by this important step for his clothing brand and it is pertinent to remember that pigeon king It emerged as a totally digital enterprise and its merchandise could only be purchased through the online store.

“This excites me a lot, ok? much, much, see here pigeon king Oh yeah! the brand of the cracks in Liverpool [..] What a perr * beauty, this excites me a lot, ”said the Mexican youtuber in a Instagram.

Similarly, Luisito Comunica detailed that that first booth that he showed in his video is located in the Polanco branch of the department store. It is worth mentioning that on previous occasions the youtuber announced that he had begun to live in that area, which is considered one of the most exclusive and expensive in Mexico City.

Luisito Comunica hopes that Rey Palomo will reach the entire country in the future (Photo: Screenshot/ elreypalomo.com)
Luisito Comunica hopes that Rey Palomo will reach the entire country in the future (Photo: Screenshot/ elreypalomo.com)

However, the also owner of tequila big badassured that hope that in the following days pigeon king can reach different branches of Liverpool in the Mexican capital and in the State of Mexico so that, in the future, they can have a physical presence in all the states of Mexico where the distinguished chain of department stores operates.

“It is estimated that by next week or in two weeks we will already be in many in Mexico City and in the State of Mexico and possibly in the rest of the country so we are very excited”, explained Luisito Comunica.

King Pigeon products

El Rey Palomo started as an online store (Photo: Screenshot/ elreypalomo.com)
El Rey Palomo started as an online store (Photo: Screenshot/ elreypalomo.com)

Among the many businesses in which influencers have invested their money are clothing lines, however, Few have prospered like Luisito Comunica’s.

Although it all started a couple of years ago with a small number of simple designer clothes and staples, the imminent sales success that pigeon king has had has led the brand to work harder on bold new collections, as well as expand your inventory.

Thus in the online store pigeon king garments are offered that range from socks, pajamas, shorts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, caps and even backpacks or fanny packsall with a design that represents part of the fresh and light personality of Luisito Comunica.

Currently, the Mexican youtuber’s clothing line has national and international shipments and the prices of their products range between 300 and a thousand Mexican pesos per garment.

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