Westworld should not get spin-offs on HBO, says producer

Westworld should not get spin-offs on HBO, says producer

goodbye to the world of Westworld could be close as there are no plans to continue the sci-fi story beyond a possible 5th and final season. The information was indicated by Lisa Joy, producer of the HBO series, saying that there are also no discussions to develop derivative projects.

“The production had no conversations with the network about doing spin-offs. At the moment, all my attention is focused on peripherals [seriado que chegará ao Amazon Prime Video em 21 de outubro]”, told the website comic book.

It is worth noting that the 5th season of Westworld has not yet been made official by HBO. However, the producer has already said in past interviews that she would like to return for the next year, to end the story of Dolores (the central character played by Evan Rachel Wood).

“Jonathan [Nolan, marido de Joy e criador do título] and I always had an ending in mind that we hope to achieve. We haven’t reached that yet.” deadline. “We have one more story to tell,” she added to the EW.

Lisa Joy, producer of Westworld, revealed that there are no plans to continue the sci-fi story.Source: Source: HBO/Reproduction

In this farewell scenario, the subject of franchise derivatives came to the fore because something similar happened with game of Thrones. In the final moments of showing the adaptation of the famous work by George RR Martin, the channel revealed that it was already developing other projects situated in that universe – such as The Dragon’s House.

Nonetheless, Westworld failed to reach the same level of popularity as the Westeros franchise. Year after year, the series about the amusement park and simulated worlds has received criticism regarding the quality and direction of its plot, which resulted in significant drops in ratings.

Soon, the appeal of loyal fans of Westworld may not be enough to guarantee the attraction’s future. With that, a possible 5th season could be, in fact, a definitive goodbye to the Wild West of fantasy.