Wes Anderson defends Bill Murray from misconduct allegations: “He’s part of my family”

“I did something i found it funny but it was not understood that way”. Since what happened on the set of deadlythe reputation of Bill Murray in Hollywood it has diminished a lot. An investigation determined that Murray had engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with a team member, causing the sitcom to Aziz Ansari canceled his shoot, and soon after new accusations surfaced against him.

Some violent incidents emerged during the recording of Saturday night Live, and Geena Davis He also recalled a very unpleasant episode on the set of With the cops on the heels. Some would think that because of this controversy Wes Anderson has chosen to do without it in Asteroid City: his new film (premiering this June 16) is the first since Bottle Rocket that does not count on his presence. Nothing could be further from the truth. Murray is not in Asteroid City for another reason, and Anderson has in fact defended him against his accusations.

Via indiewireDirector of Asteroid City He assures that “his experience with Bill is very extensive.” “He supported me From the beginning. I don’t want to talk about what happened to someone else, but he is part of my family. He is my daughter’s godfather. In fact he baptized her, it was she who threw water on him ”. In that sense, Anderson adds that the plan was for Murray to reappear as usual in Asteroid Citya film that the Texan shot in the Madrid town of Chinchon. But something happened.

“Bill was supposed to be in the movie. Although it’s not a nice thing to say‘this person was supposed to play this part’. Once someone gets a part, you’re supposed to say ‘this is your role’. But in this case there may be some confusion about what happened to Bill,” Anderson explains. “He was supposed to play the motel manager that he plays Steve Carelland Bill tested positive for COVID four days before he started shooting.”

“He was in Ireland, and for our film we had too many people’s schedules to deal with,” Anderson continues. “So Bill lost the role and Steve Carell came out of the blue. He was great, I loved having him. I met him, he arrived and we immediately started shooting”. Carell is one of the new additions to the Andersonian family who shows Asteroid Citynext to Margot Robbie, Scarlett Johansson and Tom Hanks.

“Then, when Bill got better, he came to Spain. When we were done, Bill and I got in a car and drove to France. It was a great way to end, although it was the first time I hadn’t had him in a movie for a long time.” It seems that Anderson’s idea is that Murray does repeat himself in the next film that he prepares after Asteroid City.

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