Welcome to the Neighborhood: What’s Real in the Netflix Series?

Last Thursday (13), Netflix released Welcome to the Neighborhood (The Watcherin the original), a thriller series developed by Ryan Murphy in partnership with screenwriter Ian Brennan.


The production was freely inspired by a case investigated by the New York magazine The Cutwhose article published in 2018 by Reeves Wiedeman had great repercussions.

Starring Naomi Watts and Bobby Cannavale, below, find out how real the series managed to be in the end. Enjoy!


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Welcome to the Neighborhood: Fact and fiction mix in new Netflix thriller series

Consisting of seven electrifying episodes, the series introduces the couple Nora (Watts) and Dean Brannock (Cannavale) as they have just moved to a prestigious neighborhood in the city of Westfield, New Jersey.


Although they believe they have made the dream deal with their latest acquisition, little by little they are receiving several threatening anonymous letters that prove to be increasingly disturbing.

Concerned about their children’s safety and also about their own safety, the couple wants to investigate closely who could be bothering them. Initially, there is the hypothesis of being an unoccupied neighbor, mainly due to the richness of details of the writings, as well as the specificities. But as time goes on, the situation gets even more bizarre.

According to previous interviews with the production team and also the cast, there is only the premise of the threats by letters similar to the original case, which would have taken place in New Jersey in the year 2014.


Even the names of those involved were all changed by the writers for the Netflix series, including even that of the main couple who, in real life, are called Maria and Derek Broaddus.

According to Bobby Cannavale in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the narrative directions were entirely created by Ryan Murphy. “The story itself is just a starting point for what he wanted to do,” revealed the actor.

Within this context, it is worth noting that the series proposes another outcome for what the family finds in its investigation of the letters and who would be sending them to threaten them. Additionally, Joe Mantello’s appearance as John Graff consists of Murphy’s reference to a real criminal known as John List, who also lived in Westfield.

Therefore, much of what the audience follows in the episodes is purely fiction with some free inspiration from specific real-life events. in the list of Welcome to the Neighborhood also Mia Farrow as Pearl Winslow, Jennifer Coolidge as Karen Calhoun and Richard Kind as Mitch.

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