Welcome to the Neighborhood: Season 2 May Fix Controversial Ending; Look!


Have you watched the Netflix series Welcome to the Neighborhood🇧🇷 If the answer was positive, you probably heard about the controversies surrounding the end of production, since the last episode does not provide a clear answer to the viewer about who the “Observer” would be.

This generated some frustration on the part of the fans, who followed the 8 episodes of the miniseries hard, generating comments and criticism on social networks. However, it seems that the controversy can be reversed.

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This because Welcome to the Neighborhood has been officially renewed for a 2nd season🇧🇷 Which gives new chances for the narrative to explain the end of the premiere season and intensify the hunt for “The Observer”.


Remember the end of Welcome to the Neighborhood

As we well know, Welcome to the Neighborhood was based on a real case, which also had no solution.🇧🇷 Thinking about it, Ryan Murphy, creator of the series, decided to do the same with the Netflix series, leaving the ending open.

In the last chapter, therefore, the narrative leads us to believe that most of the characters would have reasons to embody the “Observer”. Therefore, there is no clarity or direction regarding the solution of the mystery.

Even the protagonists themselves are placed as suspects. Which made it even more confusing.

How to fix?

In this sense, the 2nd season of the series, in order to create a more satisfying ending for the fans, would have to leave the real case a little aside and exercise more creative freedom over the plot.

It would be necessary to revisit the entire list of suspects raised in the first season and reevaluate motivations and contexts, reopening the possibilities that were closed in the initial episodes.

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Thus, the series could gain a new lease of life and structure a story of its own, no longer entirely linked to the facts on which it is based. However, details about the plot have yet to be revealed.

Until then, let the theories begin!

About Welcome to the Neighborhood

The series premiered on Netflix on October 13 this year and featured 8 episodes in its first season. It quickly became one of the most watched on streaming in 2022, with 125 million hours watched in its first four days alone.

In the plot, a family moves into the house of their dreams, but all happiness disappears as a series of threatening letters puts everyone at risk.

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