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Webcam modeling: this is the unknown world behind a controversial job

Illustration of a person doing webcam modeling. (photo: The Time)

In the last decade, and especially as a result of the pandemic of Covid-19the performance of women, men, couples and the trans population in the erotic market as webcam models has risen thanks to the demand for the service in Latin America.

To answer different questions about an industry that is creating divided opinions in several countries in the region, TechMarkup contacted industry players that are using the Internet to generate income with e-commerce for adults.

‘francesca’ Y Gianfranco They are two people who work as webcam models. The first, at the request of the interviewee, has had her name changed to protect her identity.

She is a webcam model born in Piura, Peru. She currently resides in Lima, the capital, for university studies and family issues. She graduated as an architect in July of last year but has been working as a webcam model since April 2020.

The main reason why he turned to technology was the need to find money to pay for college and meet his basic needs, but he says that after graduating he couldn’t get a job, much less in his profession, due to the pandemic.

“The main reason is always the lack of opportunities in the countries: companies do not pay well and working hours are extremely long,” he explained to TechMarkup Dario Sanchezpresident of the Association of Electronic Commerce for Adults in Colombia and of the Federation of Electronic Commerce for Adults, also in that country.

What do agencies provide?

Gianfranco, one of the webcam models in Latin America, narrated what the reality of working conditions is like in a webcam modeling agency.

“The problem for Peruvian studios is that webcam modeling is not a formal job. With the porn industry there are many taboos in this sector and many agencies take advantage of this and do not give the benefits or the minimum requirements of a formal job… that is not the worst thing, they do not provide a good emotional treatment to their models either” , he claimed.

For its part, ‘francesca’ He assured that “the comforts are optimal, since they treat the models with the greatest possible empathy. What I can rescue the most is the remuneration, because so far I have not had any problem with the monthly payments I receive for streaming”.

Illustration of a webcam model.  (photo: Masculinity to the hundred)
Illustration of a webcam model. (photo: Masculinity to the hundred)

How much do webcam models earn?

The profits of the industry are a strong example of its growth, for example, in Colombia it is reported between 40 and 50 million dollars per month, according to Sanchez. “But if we refer to the utility as such received by companies and agencies, it is only 10 or 15%.” Now, the personal income of the employees varies according to the agency in which each one works.

Gianfranco He explained that “it is also not the perfect job as many believe. Compared to a regular job, you do earn better, but not in Peru. Here they pay you in soles -or at least in the agency that I work-, and deduct 15% of income that are obtained”.

Also, he attacked the legal section, as he commented that modeling agencies “profit by renting common spaces and equipment. It’s angering to think that all this is so profitable that the models spend years in the studios without knowing that they can collect 100% of the money raised in the lives (live) “.

Related to the latter, ‘francesca’ confirmed it. And it is that in the agency where she works, “one of the advantages is that the profits are 100% yours. The first few months she earned 1,400 soles (354 dollars) and now I can only say that my income exceeds 9,000 soles (2,274 dollars). Clearly there are months in which I earn much more, but that is an average.

Illustration of a webcam model.  (photo: It is so the truth)
Illustration of a webcam model. (photo: It is so the truth)

How the legal system works in the webcam modeling industry

A Dario Sanchez She was asked if it is that the people who work in the webcam industry have to declare income or some type of tax before the governments, to which he replied: “Undoubtedly. Not only the models but anyone who exceeds the limits to declare taxes has to do it before the State.

In fact, the same thing happens in Peru with Gianfranco Y ‘francesca’ who agreed with what was described by the specialist.

Finally, Sánchez referred to whether the Webcam modeling websites are legislated. “Not all web pages are in Colombia, Peru or any other Latin American country. The countries in which these work are the United States, Canada or European countries. Therefore, each web page must comply with the legal and legal standards of the country where they operate”.

In this way, technology has generated a different business within the electronic commerce for adults, which is growing but with different legislation by country. Therefore, each company formed for this must adhere to the State where it operates as well as those that use the Internet for this type of work.

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