Shakira 'very angry' after ex Gerard Piqué is seen with Clara Chia

Both Shakira and Gerard Pique have left behind more than a decade of love and gone their separate ways since their split became public.

The Barcelona centre-back has been linked on numerous occasions with different women

Last weekend, the show 'Socialite' aired a video in which the player was seen with his new partner. Images that have apparently irritated Shakira greatly.

Clara Chia, Pique's young partner, was seen having fun with her boyfriend at the Summerfest Cerdanya, where they could be seen with obvious signs of chemistry.

They appear to be very passionate and close in the images broadcast by the Telecinco show.

When the video was broadcast, the programme 'Socialite' contacted Shakira's close friends, who revealed that the artist is allegedly unhappy with the attitude of her former partner.

The reason is that the Catalan footballer has broken a pact that they both made when they separated

The agreement was that neither of them could appear in public with a partner for the first year after their split on June 4.