New Path of Exile Lake of Kalandra Expansion Now Available

Lake of Kalandra, Path of Exile's 12th expansion, has gone live, bringing a slew of new content as well as the expansion's traditional challenge league.

Path of Exile players can look forward to new Atlas Memory Master quests, redesigned Archnemesis, Harvest, and Beyond/Scourge league mechanics, and much more.

Path of Exile is Grinding Gear Games' sole title, a gritty free-to-play isometric action RPG that fans of the Diablo series will recognise while also introducing many new features and game mechanics.

Path of Exile has evolved significantly since its initial release in 2013, thanks to 12 expansion packs that each introduce new mechanics into the game while also refining and updating Path of Exile's core systems.

Despite its free-to-play model, Path of Exile is well-known for not being overly predatory with its microtransactions, preferring mostly cosmetic offerings over pay-to-win purchases.

Lake of Kalandra, the most recent Path of Exile expansion, delves into the mysterious character Kalandra and the lake where she obtained her reflective abilities.

Kalandra is the source of the "mirrored" item mechanic, in which rare Mirror of Kalandra items can be used to create a horizontally flipped mirrored version of a piece of equipment.

Grind Gear Games is clearly committed to improving Path of Exile while planning the release of Path of Exile 2 in 2024.