NASA lets you hear the spooky sounds sound of black hole

On Sunday, NASA made this abundantly clear by making the sound of a black hole, as described by the agency, available to human ears in a listenable format.

And if you've ever wondered how sound travels in space, NASA has an explanation for you.

The misconception that there is no sound in space stems from the fact that most of space is a vacuum, with no way for sound waves to travel.

A galaxy cluster contains so much gas that we have detected actual sound. It is amplified and mixed with other data in order to hear a black hole.

However, black holes can be "sonified" in far more pleasing ways.

NASA also has a sonification of the black hole at the centre of Galaxy Messier 87, or M87, which is approximately 54 million light years away (you can listen below)

NASA has created sonifications of a distant galaxy and the sound of each exoplanet discovered.

The agency has even recorded the eerie, extraterrestrial sounds of Mars.